PREDICTIONS: Melodifestivalen Final starring Wiktoria & Lina Hedlund 9 March 2019

WHEN?: Saturday 9 March 2019 (7pm UK time) on SVT (link to watch below)

We think there are 2 potential Eurovision Song Contest winners in tonight’s Swedish final but will Melodifestivalen viewers pick either 1 of them?

  • Read on for our predictions about how we think the 12 finalists would fare at Eurovision

  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren Norrsken (Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Niklas Carson Mattsson, Jon Henrik Fjällgren) OUR RANKING: 8th ESC PREDICTION: 6th to 10th

JHF has slipped in the betting and that may have something to do with the slightly out of place use of a reindeer on film in the staging. The song perhaps reflects how familiar and, let’s choose this next adjective super carefully, reliable MF is becoming. It’s very much what we’ve come to expect from this 3rd time participant (2nd in 2015 and 3rd in 2017).

2. Lisa Ajax Torn (Isa Molin) OUR RANKING: 7th  ESC PREDICTION: 11th to 15th

A finalist in 2016 and 2017, this is a big ballad that confounds expectations and certainly appears to rival our favourite Wiktoria. The simple staging enhances the song but Lisa’s performance is not quite matching what is probably the best song in the whole thing.

3. Mohombi Hello (Alexandru Florin Cotoi, Thomas G:son, Mohombi Moupondo, Linnea Deb) OUR RANKING: 11th  ESC PREDICTION: non-qualifier

Once again SVT has excelled itself with the presentation of a song which is more understated and downtempo than we were expecting. Mohombi was part of Group Avalon who finished 6th in 2005’s Melodifestivalen Heat 2. Well performed but we’re surprised he’s made it this far.

4. Lina Hedlund Victorious (Melanie Wehbe, Richard Edwards, Dino Medanhodzic, Johanna Jansson) OUR RANKING: 2nd ESC PREDICTION: 16th to 20th

The 1 we were most excited for before we heard the songs and this doesn’t disappoint. Missing the schlager that made MF so joyous in the 00s? Looking for this year’s Party Voice? This looks like our best chance. Lina’s already enhanced Alcazar no end and proved she can do it solo in this competition. It’s 1 of our personal favourites but not an entry we’re expecting to fare well because some might think it dated.

5. Bishara On My Own (Markus Sepehrmanesh, Benjamin Ingrosso, Robert Habolin) OUR RANKING: 4th ESC PREDICTION: 6th to 10th

He sounds very Jackson 5-era Michael Jackson and the tune tips a nod to both that and current touchstone Justin Timberlake. Co-writer Ingrosso won MF last year and this youthful singer could well be in the running for this year’s win also.

6. Anna Bergendahl Ashes To Ashes (Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren, Erik Bernholm, Anna Bergendahl) OUR RANKING: 3rd ESC PREDICTION: 11th to 15th

Anna Bergendahl was unlucky to be in a very competitive opening heat and, while Ashes to Ashes is 1 of our personal favourites, we don’t think Sweden will be quite so receptive. Beautiful garden staging and a fine country-infused return for Melodifestivalen’s least successful winner.

7. Nano Chasing Rivers (Lise Cabble, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Thomas G:son) OUR RANKING: 6th  ESC PREDICTION: 11th to 15th

Nano’s new single is neither as instant or as anthemic as 2017 runner-up Hold On but it’s certainly Hozier-like and reminiscent of its Melodifestivalen forerunner. Co-author Cabble co-wrote the 2013 winner for Denmark Only Teardrops as well as that country’s fabulous entry this year.

8. Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO Hold You (Jimmy Jansson, Fredrik Sonefors, Hanna Ferm, Liam Pablito Cacatian Thomassen) OUR RANKING: 9th ESC PREDICTION: 11th to 15th

It’s Hanna’s vocal we’re most enjoying here and this is a little more pop than LIAMOO’s previous entry which finished 6th last year. It’s 2nd in the betting as we type and the only duet in the competition. We’re enjoying the billowing flags in the staging slightly more than the song itself.

9. Malou Prytz I Do Me (Isa Tengblad, Elvira Anderfjärd, Fanny Arnesson, Adéle Cechal) OUR RANKING: 12th  ESC PREDICTION: 21st to 26th

Very Katy Perry and failing to stand out for us even in what was a disappointing Heat 2. We suspect Malou may return to MF in later years with something stronger and likely to do better.

10. John Lundvik Too Late For Love(John Lundvik, Anderz Wrethov, Andreas “Stone” Johansson) OUR RANKING: 5th  ESC PREDICTION: 1st to 5th

Lundvik co-penned Bigger Than Us which Michael Rice will sing for the UK in Eurovision this year and so if he wins Melodifestivalen he will have 2 songs in competition. We’re enjoying that this has gospel elements and love the choir but find the song a little predictable. The rousing backing vocals really lift it though and this could win the whole contest.

11. Wiktoria Not With Me (Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Wiktoria Johansson) OUR RANKING: 1st ESC PREDICTION: 1st to 5th

On repeat listening this reminds a little of a speeded up Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers which may be familiar from 1990 film Ghost and is no bad thing. Will it be 3rd time lucky for Wiktoria? For us she’s 1 of MF’s most under-rated recent stars and we’re big fans of the live vocal and rain effect (pictured above). Will there be tears of joy on the night of 9 March?

12. Arvingarna I Do (Nanne Grönvall, Mikael Karlsson, Casper Jarnebrink, Thomas “Plec” Johansson) OUR RANKING: 10th  ESC PREDICTION: non-qualifier

These former MF winners (they finished 7th in Ireland 26 years ago) remind of an ageing Take That with a much more upbeat, jollier and straightforward-sounding schlager entry than we were expecting. It’s charming and sounding like a speeded-up Tom Jones song from the 60s and not an entry we expect would fare terribly well in either MF or Eurovision.

  • Picture via YouTube courtesy SVT Melodifestivalen. Watch on SVTPlay. Tickets
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