ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Sucker Punch by Sigrid (March 2019)


OUT: 8/3/19

TRACKLIST: Sucker Punch;  Mine Right Now; Basic; Strangers; Don’t Feel Like Crying; Level Up; Sight Of You; In Vain; Don’t Kill My Vibe; Business Dinners; Never Mine; Dynamite

We 1st saw Sigrid live last year at the 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire and it was album closer Dynamite which most stood out.

  • Read on for reasons including where to see Sigrid on tour in the UK in 2019

It’s a ballad that wouldn’t be out of place on 1 of Adele’s big-selling albums and we praised it back in February 2018 for its melancholy giving gravitas to material in a way unusual for someone so young.

Norwegian Sigrid Raabe was only 22 when she was anointed BBC Music Sound of 2018 and perhaps it was a little unfair of us to cajole her when we last saw her in November at the 02 Brixton Academy  to shift up a gear and finally release her debut album.

There are 7 songs we’d not heard before here and, unfortunately, it’s the older material that we feel most drawn to.

Perhaps that’s inevitable as we’ve danced, sung live and listened intently to the older 5 songs for almost 2 years as we’ve waited sometimes impatiently for this debut collection to appear.

New song Sight Of You is as grandiose as Viva La Vida-era Coldplay (a good thing!) and most recent single Don’t Feel Like Crying (see below) wouldn’t be out of place in Eurovision, a place where Scandipop fans will know the genre is in rude health.

If the wheels appear to be faltering a little on the Sigrid bandwagon, there is a George Ezra arena tour support slot starting tomorrow and the promise of solo dates including her biggest London show yet, where we will see her again, at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo in November. Ticket links are at the end of this review.

There’s plenty here to satisfy and it’s the banging pop tunes exemplified by the last single (clip above) which she appears to have little trouble producing.

However, it’s the emotional heft of Dynamite we want more of and the new lyrics feel a little bland compared with Don’t Kill My Vibe where a talented young woman refuses to be thwarted.

A strong debut then and the platform on which to build something both instantly enjoyable but also lastingly memorable.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Sigrid. Tickets
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