PREVIEW: Second Cherry 2020 song contest

WHEN?: 7/11/20 UPDATE: England’s second lockdown means the RVT show is cancelled but there will be an online show 14/11/20

WHERE?: Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, and online

Former Melodifestivalen winner Anna Bergendahl (pictured above) is arguably the biggest name in November’s Second Cherry 2020 song contest which concludes, fingers crossed, with a live event in London next weekend.

  • Read on for reasons including where our douze points is going and our other highlights

For the uninitiated, hosts Matt and Monty produce a podcast which reviews the Eurovision Song Contest national finals and picks a non-winner from each selection to have a second bite at the cherry.

Listeners have until Friday (6 November) to vote and below is where we’ll be casting our votes and why.

Douze points: Croatia Indira You Will Never Break My Heart

For us the joy of Second Cherry is in finding Eurovision-related songs that we were unlikely to have stumbled across ourselves. Croatia’s national selection show, Dora 2020, took place on 29/2/20 and our pick Indira finished 3rd. It’s a banger that incorporates its eastern European origins while making an absolute virtue of them. It’s very 90s dance and Indira’s outfit isn’t the only P!nk element on show.

10 points: Armenia Tokionine Save Me

The recorded version of this song is 1 of the most contemporary-sounding that the entire contest had to offer and it’s a little let down by its singer’s limited vocal and the slightly oddly staged performance. Nevertheless this deserved so much better than its 6th place finish.

8 points: Sweden Anna Bergendahl Kingdom Come

We’re familiar with Bergendahl thanks to her Melodifestivalen victory in 2010, 10th place finish in 2019 and 3rd slot this year. Kingdom Come was our favourite of her 3 entries but we would have preferred potential Eurovision winner Dotter to be selected here. Bergendahl beat Erika Vikman and Elodie (see later in our list) to win the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2020.

7 points: Finland Erika Vikman Cicciolina

Cicciolina is a Hungarian/Italian former porn star, politician and singer and perhaps not the likeliest candidate to feature in an uptempo schlager song in Finnish featuring dancing bears. Thankfully the English translation seems to be about empowerment (sample: ‘Yeah, I’m turned on by attention, I don’t need to hide it. Being free and lewd is beautiful. Too many people here are strangers even to themselves.’) although it’s a world away from the middle-of-the-road plodder the country actually chose.

6 points: Australia Casey Donovan Proud

This won the televote in Australia Decides and, while the song is a little middle-of-the-road for us, it benefits hugely from an old-school, X-Factor-style performance from the 2004 Australian Idol winner. We suspect Proud might have been better received at Eurovision than the actual winner.

5 points: Moldova: Valentin Uzun and Irina Kovalsky Moldovita

We know Matt and Monty ‘love a good hora’ and this song doesn’t let them down.

4 points: Romania Roxen Cherry Red

Roxen returns to Eurovision in 2021 and we predict a bright future for her there.

3 points: Denmark Jasmin Rose ft RoxorLoops Only Human

We loved the song that Denmark chose, didn’t catch the final but this is a real find.

2 points: Italy Elodie Andromeda

We prefer Andromeda to the actual entry that Italy sent.

1 point: Israel Eden Alene Rakata

Eden returns to Eurovision also in 2021 and, whisper it, Rakata is better than the song Israel chose for her in 2020.

  • Picture courtesy of Anna Bergendahl via Facebook. Tickets
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