PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2019 Heat 3 starring Lina Hedlund from Alcazar, Dolly Style, Martin Stenmarck & Omar

We’ve described Alcazar as ‘the greatest act never to represent Sweden in Eurovision’ and 1 of its current members, Lina Hedlund (pictured far left above), competes in Heat 3 in Leksand on 16 February.

  • Read on for reasons including which Alcastar-beating former MF winner competes here also

Lina Hedlund Victorious (Melanie Wehbe, Richard Edwards, Dino Medanhodzic, Johanna Jansson)

Although we wanted Margaret’s In My Cabana to win 2018’s Melodifestivalen final, we thought the contest’s best song was actually Cry by Dotter and Dotter (Johanna Jansson) is one of the co-writers here.

That suggests to us that this entry which is sung 4th is less likely to be Alcazar (minus 2) and more probably something a little more quirky, off-the-wall and interesting.

This is Lina’s 6th MF tilt: in 2002 she and sister Hanna sang Big Time Party to 9th, in 2003 she went solo with Nothing Can Stop Me (see above) in Andra Chansen, while Alcazar finished 5th with Stay the Night (see below) in 2009:

made Andra Chansen a year later with Headlines and came 3rd in 2014 with Blame It On The Disco (see below).

Dolly Style Habibi (Baby) (Jimmy Jansson, Palle Hammarlund, Robert Norberg)

This is Dolly Style’s 3rd MF (they sing 2nd tonight) and they will be looking to improve on the Andra Chansen finishes for each of their previous 2 entries which were Hello Hi (see above) in 2015 and 2016’s Rollercoaster (see below).

Martin Stenmarck Låt skiten brinna (Let The Shit Burn) (Uno Svenningsson, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren)

Stenmarck won MF in 2005 finishing 19th in Kiev with Las Vegas (see above) and sings 3rd tonight. He’s returned to Melodifestivalen twice since, making Andra Chansen in 2014 and remaining in his heat in 2016. He has 2 children with Hanna Hedlund, whose sister Lina (see above) also appears in this heat immediately after him. Co-writers Larsson and Lundgren mentioned above were also part of the team behind Las Vegas which might mean it is a little more in the style of his biggest success this far.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren Norrsken (Northern Lights) (Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Niklas Carson Mattsson, Jon Henrik Fjällgren)

This Columbian/Swedish/Sami singer is returning to MF for his 3rd appearance and closes tonight’s show. He was runner-up in 2015 with Jag är fri (I am free) and 3rd in 2017 with En värld full av stride (A world full of stride) a duet with Aninia. This is co-writer Fredrik Kempe’s only song in this year’s MF and he has written winners for Charlotte Perrelli (2008), Malena Ernman (2009), Eric Saade (2011, see below) and Sanna Nielsen (2014).

Omar Rudberg Om Igen (Over Again) (Omar Rudberg, Johan Lindbrandt, Robin Stjernberg, Jens Hult)

Co-writer Stjernberg won Melodifestivalen unexpectedly in 2013 (14th in Eurovision but 5th as a co-writer of Robin Bengtsson’s I Can’t Go On in 2017) and Omar (who sings 5th) was part of boyband FO&O whose MF history we wrote about in our Heat 2 preview because another former member appears there.

The other participants in this heat are: show openers The Lovers of Valdaro and Rebecka Karlsson (singing 6th). To discover more about them, we’d suggest fellow site Scandipop. Read our Heat 1 , Heat 2 and Heat 4 previews.

Keep an eye out for as we’ll be previewing all 28 songs in the run-up to their heats. We’ll also predict the qualifiers in each heat in anticipation of Saturday’s show. MF: #GreatestShowOnEarth

Find our Heat 3 predictions on Friday (15 February 2019) here.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Lina Hedlund. Tickets
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