SONG OF THE MONTH: Heartbreak In The Making by Dagny (June 2023)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

33-year-old Norwegian singer Dagny Norvoll Sandvik’s debut collection Strangers/Lovers was an album of the month for us in January 2021 and this new single is a complete change in direction. 

  • Read on for reasons including how to see Dagny in London this weekend at Mighty Hoopla alongside Eurovision winner Loreen
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SONG OF THE WEEK: Part Of Me by Cian Ducrot (week beginning Tuesday 4 April 2023)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

We saw rising star Ducrot live last month at Camden’s KOKO and the predominantly young 20-something female audience gasped when he explained the inspiration behind this song about a close friend who took his own life.

  • Read on for reasons including Ducrot’s thoughts on his latest single about friend Phily
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SONG OF THE WEEK: Fever by Alison Goldfrapp & Paul Woolford (week beginning 6 March 2023)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

Leeds-born Woolford had a top 5 hit in 2020 with Looking For Me with Diplo featuring vocals from Kareen Lomax – and this new single feels far more current than Alison Goldfrapp’s recent collaboration.

  • Read on for reasons including details of Alison Goldfrapp’s next London and Glastonbury Festival gigs
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SONG OF THE WEEK: Digging Deeper by Alison Goldfrapp & Claptone (Week beginning Tuesday 7 February 2023)


A year ago Impossible by Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp featuring Alison Goldfrapp was a song of the month for us and now she features on an intriguing club collaboration before embarking on her 1st solo music.

  • Read on for reasons including what we’re hoping for from Alison Goldfrapp’s new solo project
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