PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2019 Heat 2 starring Margaret, Andreas Johnson & LIAMOO

The song we wanted to win the Melodifestivalen final last year was the old-school Rihanna bop My Cabana sung by Margaret (pictured) who appears again in this 2nd heat from Malmö on 9 February where she closes the show.

  • Read on for reasons including details of fellow Heat 2 participants including Andreas Johnson & pre-contest favourite (again) LIAMOO

Margaret Tempo (Anderz Wrethov, Jimmy Jansson, Laurell Barker, Sebastian von Koenigsegg)

Last year we wondered whether Sweden would plump for a ska-ish song by a Polish singer evoking sunshine vibes. It didn’t but Margaret’s Cabana (see above) did finish a respectable 7th in the final and was a top 10 hit both in Sweden and in Poland. Will new song Tempo be uptempo? We’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

Andreas Johnson Army Of Us (Andreas Johnson, Jimmy Jansson, Sara Ryan, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson, Sebastian Thott)

This show opener will be Johnson’s 7th MF entry and he has seen diminishing returns since Sing For Me (see above) finished 3rd in 2006 and A Little Bit Of Love (see below) was runner-up a year later.

Readers outside Sweden and the MF bubble might be more familiar with his biggest hit Glorious (see below).

Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO Hold You (Jimmy Jansson, Fredrik Sonefors, Hanna Ferm, Liam Pablito Cacatian Thomassen)

LIAMOO was the pre-contest favourite last year with Last Breath (see below) but only managed 6th in the final. He sings 6th in this heat. Once again the 2016 Swedish Idol winner is favourite to triumph before the songs are heard but being an early frontrunner may prove to be to his detriment later.

Oscar Enestad I Love It (Emanuel Abrahamsson, Parker James, Oscar Enestad)

Oscar sings 3rd and was 1 of the Os in FO&O who finished 11th in the 2017 final with Gotta Thing About You (see below where this Oscar is in the middle).

F (Felix Sandman) was almost the dark horse of last year’s Melodifestivalen with Every Single Day (see below) which made the final out of Andra Chansen, finished runner-up and later topped the Swedish charts.

Also in this heat are Malou Prytz (singing 2nd), Jan Malmsjö (sings 4th) and Vlad Reiser (sings 5th). To discover more about them, we’d suggest fellow site Scandipop. Read our Heat 1 preview  and Heat 3 and Heat 4.

Keep an eye out for as we’ll be previewing all 28 songs in the run-up to their heats. We’ll also predict the qualifiers in each heat in anticipation of Saturday’s show. MF: #GreatestShowOnEarth

Find our Heat 2 predictions on Friday (8 February 2019) here.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Margaret. Tickets
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