GIG REVIEW: Sigrid at the O2 Brixton Academy


SETLIST: Sucker Punch; In Vain; Schedules; Plot Twist; Raw; High Five; Dynamite; I Don’t Want To Know; Fake Friends; Haunted; I Don’t Buy It; Savage In Our Blood; Go To War; Don’t Kill My Vibe; Focus; Credit; Strangers

WHEN?: 12/11/18

WHERE: O2 Brixton Academy

‘We need to hear that debut album – now’ we wrote when we last saw Sigrid in March at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire and it is a sentiment that is much underscored tonight.

  • Read on for reasons including which arenas to see her in next year

It’s hardly the 8-year wait for Robyn’s Body Talk follow up but tonight’s 75-minute, 17-song set proves Sigrid has the material to deliver, in spades.

In March we wrote about our appreciation for the melancholic, Adele-infused Dynamite and it is this, a beautifully sung Savage In Our Blood and the unaccompanied piano of Focus in the encore that burn brightest for us.

It is material quite in contrast to the songs which have made her name. Debut single outside Norway Don’t Kill My Vibe has clearly struck a chord and Top 10 smash Strangers from earlier this year are anthems where the audience is screaming along at the top of its lungs.

Sigrid may only be 22 but this is a year in which she has pogo-ed easily from BBC Music Sound of 2018 winner to selling out the 4,921-capacity O2 Brixton Academy with a minor Somerset House hiccup along the route.

Sigrid skips along merrily onstage in a way undoubtedly endearing her to her predominantly young fanbase and where there might be complacency instead there is a cute: ‘Thank you so much for showing up tonight’ instead.

She tries to explain her thinking behind Savage and we’re not sure ourselves whether it’s an attempt to explain the pressures of social media or to skewer fake news but it helps to underline that she cares and isn’t quite an open book.

We think our favourite album of the year so far is Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer but Sigrid could be competition if only she showed any sign of dropping hers both before the year is out and her 2019 arena tour supporting George Ezra.

Don’t kill our vibe, Sigrid, make it happen – please.

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