SINGLE OF THE MONTH: On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Away by Nicki French

OUT IN THE UK: 8/11/18

ALBUM: Glitter To The Neon Lights (out 19/11/18)

Nicki plays the Wicked Witch of the West in panto next month and she’s taking no prisoners on this soaraway, Stock Aitken Waterman-sounding blast of unashamed pop – out now.

  • Read on for reasons including where to see Nicki in pantomime this Christmas

‘Boy, now this is the end and don’t you pretend we’ll work it through. How can I make it clear I don’t want you here, I’m through with you?’ run the opening lines to this disco barnstormer.

‘There’s clouds above, so run for cover now, my new ex-love. Let me make it clear, I don’t want you here’, it continues, if you were in any doubt.

Thematically, On Your Marks’ anthemic and euphoric defiance in the face of adversity is the perfect follow-up to last singleTeardrops and its tale of betrayal which contains 1 of pop’s best lines, ever (‘A perfect passion play I thought, We popped the cork and danced, Until I accidentally caught them holding more than hands.’)

We interviewed Nicki last year and she said she was taking her time with an album but expected it to be out in 2018.

On Your Marks features on the album mentioned above which also includes Teardrops (On The Disco Floor), a slice of 70s Donna Summer with a great turn of phrase penned by a Eurovision winner.

The thought of more material like the 2 singles released so far has our heart in total eclipse, we can’t wait to hear it. Nicki plays Carlisle in pantomime this Christmas.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Nicki French. Tickets
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