GIG REVIEW: Sigrid at 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire


WHERE: O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

WHEN: 14/3, UK tour runs to 24/8

SETLIST: Go To War; Plot Twist; Schedules; I Don’t Buy It; Raw; Savage In Our Blood; Doing You A Favour; Watch Me; Dynamite; In Vain; High Five; Fake Friends; Credit; Strangers; Don’t Kill My Vibe

We’re not here to kill 21-year-old Sigrid Raabe’s vibe but for her Scandipop bangers although it soon becomes clear that there’s much more to her than those.

  • Read on for reasons including why Sigrid shed a tear towards the end of this gig

We don’t remember hearing song Dynamite before but its: ‘You’re as safe as a mountain but know that I am Dynamite‘ chorus really moved us. Not least because we’re about 10 rows from the front and, although Sigrid seems pocket-sized, she has a giant voice and tunes with hooks so big you could swing chandeliers from them.

We can hear Adele vocal inflections in some of the songs but it’s the skipping onstage gaiety coupled with aggressive shadowboxing with which she performs that sets her apart.

The Robyn-esque, throbbing Europop of monster hit Strangers may well be familiar to you and it’s when Sigrid moves from that straight into the-song-that-started-it-all Don’t Kill My Vibe and the audience starts singing along acapella that we think we catch a tear from the BBC’s Sound Of 2018.

Earlier she has explained that Dynamite is a sad song written in Bergen, Norway, where it is always raining. It is this melancholy that gives gravitas to the songs that seems unusual for someone so young.

You want Scandipop bangers? Fake Friends we are already familiar with as is much of the audience which is singing merrily along to much of this hour-long set.

Tonight seems like a bit of a moment. Not least because so many of Sigrid’s family and friends are here but also because she can’t have expected to have been quite so rapturously received. We need to hear that debut album – now.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Sigrid. Tickets
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