SONG OF THE WEEK: Purge The Poison by MARINA (week beginning 4 May 2021)


RELEASED: 12 April 2021

MARINA’s trademark operatic vocals are much in evidence here as she imagines what Mother Nature might make of Covid-19: ‘Virus come, fires burn until human beings learn from every disaster, you are not my master’.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about June album Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

It’s a topic which has seemingly energised her as 5th album 10-track Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land is released 11 June 2021, a mere 26 months after its predecessor, the shortest time ever between any of her albums.

The environmental communication continues through the lyrics: ‘Quarantined all alone, Mother Nature’s on the phone, ‘What have you been doing?’ Don’t forget I am your home.’

And the emphasis on the importance of women from previous single Man’s World, a song of the week for us in November, is once again reinforced with a lyric referencing a misunderstood Britney Spears and an imprisoned Harvey Weinstein: ‘While society is falling, we are quietly reforming, Protecting the planet, healing our own damage, Need to purge the poison, show us our humanity, All the bad and good, racism and misogyny, Nothing’s hidden anymore, capitalism made us poor.’

At the end of last year we wondered whether Covid had speeded up her plans to release new music and tour. Last album Love + Fear was well explained by her in an associated Q&A in London and we’ve seen her in other venues in the capital including the Palladium and 02 Academy in north London.

We last saw her live at the Eventim Apollo in 2019 when she said: ‘This has been the perfect last show for me for a while. I won’t play here for a year or two. I want to dedicate tonight to my sister, boyfriend and friends. It’s so important to have a strong network of friends that I have here in London. I appreciate you all so much.’

We said then: ‘We last saw Marina four years ago at the Palladium and there’s enough commitment, talent and tunes tonight for us to hope next album, her fifth, will be nowhere near so far away.’

On the evidence of this single she clearly has something to say and we can’t wait to catch up with her again in the live arena to find out more.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy MARINA Tickets
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