GIG REVIEW: Marina at Eventim Apollo

WORTH A LOOK?: ***1/2

WHERE? Eventim Apollo

WHEN? 4/11, tour runs to 18/11/19

SETLIST: Handmade Heaven; Hollywood; Primadonna; Enjoy Your Life; I Am Not A Robot; To Be Human; Superstar; From; Orange Trees; Teen Idle; Believe In Love; Bubblegum Bitch; Emotional Machine; I’m Not Hungry Anymore; No More Suckers; Karma; Oh No; Baby: End Of the Earth; How To Be A Heartbreaker

We last saw Marina at a Q&A in London in April where she talked about her artistic freedom and so we’re not entirely surprised when at the close of tonight’s gig she drops a bombshell.

  • Read on for reasons including why this was Marina’s ‘perfect last show for me for a while’

The Love + Fear Tour actually runs past mid-November but tonight’s Eventim Apollo show is the last UK gig as the rest of the dates take place in Europe.

‘This has been the perfect last show for me for a while,’ says Marina. ‘I won’t play here for a year or two. I want to dedicate tonight to my sister, boyfriend and friends. It’s so important to have a strong network of friends that I have here in London. I appreciate you all so much.’

Rewind seven months to that Q&A and the clues about Marina’s enthusiasm for being out of the public eye were clear: ‘I had a tricky three or four years. I didn’t know if I wanted to be an artist anymore. To come back with this record feels really simple, effortless and thrilling.

‘It’s important because I’m here out of choice and have released a record out of choice. Some artists have to write another album because they’re committed to a contract and I’ve never really worked in that way.’

It feels like goodbye rather than farewell tonight however. One thing you could never accuse Marina of however is repeating herself because the material aired tonight is hugely varied.

There’s a breezy, Blue Peter presenter air about Marina tonight which is in sharp contrast to some of her boldest pop work including last song How To Be A Heartbreaker (watch above), Bubblegum Bitch and Primadonna.

Her debut album was wonky pop a world away from the Clean Bandit feature she has on Baby (watch below) which is unafraid to go for the pop jugular.

We last saw Marina four years ago at the Palladium and there’s enough commitment, talent and tunes tonight for us to hope next album, her fifth, will be nowhere near so far away.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Marina Tickets
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