SONG OF THE WEEK: Man’s World by MARINA (week beginning 21/11/20)


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MARINA last played in London a year ago and said then from the stage at the Eventim Apollo: ‘This has been the perfect last show for me for a while. I won’t play here for a year or two.’

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That was pre-COVID and it’s difficult to know how much the pandemic has changed her thinking but now, unable to play live in the capital even if she wanted to, we are treated to what may be the 1st new song from her upcoming 5th album.

Marina Diamandis’ music is familiar, melodic uptempo keyboards into an uplifting chorus with electric guitar forcing itself to the forefront later.

The lyrics criticise oppressive treatment of women and the LGBT community: ‘Burnt me at the stake, You thought I was a witch, Centuries ago, now you just call me a bitch,’ and: ‘Owned by a sheik who killed thousands of gay men, I guess that’s why he bought the campest hotel in LA then.’

She’s referenced previously her affinity with nature and a parallel is drawn here: ‘Mother Nature’s dying, Nobody’s keeping score, I don’t want to live in a Man’s World anymore.’

The single is co-written with American musician Jennifer Decilveo and is played by an all-female team of musicians.

The lyrics continue: ‘If you have a mother, daughter or a friend, Maybe it’s time, time you comprehend, The world that you live in ain’t the same as one of them, So don’t punish me for not being a man.’

Perhaps COVID has speeded up her plans to release new music and tour. Last album Love + Fear was well explained by her in an associated Q&A in London and we’ve seen her in other venues in the capital including the Palladium and 02 Academy in north London.

Let’s hope she’s able to make a return to the London live circuit and soon with that 5th album to perform.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy MARINA Tickets
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