LIVE REVIEW: Marina & The Diamonds


WHERE: Palladium

WHEN? 6/12, tour returns to London in February, ticket details below

SETLIST: Mowgli’s Road; I Am Not A Robot; Oh No; Obsessions; Hollywood; Bubblegum Bitch; Teen Idle; How To Be A Heartbreaker; Primadonna; Lies; Froot; Savages; Can’t Pin Me Down; Gold; Forget; I’m Immortal; Happy; Blue

The queue to enter this venue snakes across the road from the theatre to Oxford Circus Tube station as the doors open at 7pm.

It’s clear many of the young, predominantly female, fans once inside the venue join another queue straight away to buy the elaborate fruit-based Neon Nature tour merchandise. In my 30-plus years of gig-going it is the lengthiest merch queue I’ve ever seen, taking an estimated hour to reach the front.

We settled for the £10 bracelet.

We last saw Marina live around the time of How To Be A Heartbreaker at the London Forum just over three years ago. What is impressive now is how she tackles selections from each of her three albums to date in separate acts here with the flourish of theatricality her quirkiness has always demanded and the historic venue lends itself to.

We can’t help but think of what a young Kate Bush she is, with the second Electra Heart set proving she can also pen a power pop Katy Perry-type hook if pushed.

Final album Froot sees Marina developing in a much more rounded musical way one suspects she is masterminding, rather than her record company, and that’s as it should be.

Marina’s clearly got her best records still within her rather than available for download. The dedication of her young devotees also means they’re still likely to be queueing around the block for her for many years into the future.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Marina & The Diamonds
  • Tickets for Marina’s February Roundhouse shows here
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