SONG OF THE WEEK: Daniel by Will Young (week beginning 8 May 2021)


RELEASED: 30 April 2021

The idea behind Young’s 8th album Crying On The Bathroom Floor out this August is that it will consist of covers of songs made famous by women.

  • Read on for reasons including where to see Young at venues across the UK in September

We already loved his spin on Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls where the chorus: ‘Don’t Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me’ suddenly develops a much more interesting meaning when sung by a man.

Daniel is the debut single from that 8th album and was originally a 2009 hit we can’t recall by Bat For Lashes, the biggest for Natasha Khan’s band, and the most striking thing for us about the song is how reminiscent of Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff the hook is.

We sought out the original and that reference is still there but producer Richard X has definitely brought it to the fore in what is definitely a poppier and less strings heavy version than the impressive original.

We’ve seen Young on numerous occasions live in London over the last 2 decades (at London Arena shortly after winning Pop Idol, Camden Roundhouse in 2008 and the Eventim Apollo in 2015) and he’s bringing this new album to more intimate UK venues in September including the capital’s EartH in Hackney in September. Ticket details below.

He’s released well-chosen covers before and we enjoyed his 2016 Summer Anthems singles release which featured a lounge version of Ever Fallen In Love by the Buzzcocks.

Young’s also pursued a theatrical career and we saw his Olivier Award-worthy turn and 2018 role in Strictly Ballroom when we said: ‘Will Young, nominated for an Olivier for his role as the Emcee in Cabaret in 2013, plays a similar master of ceremonies here, with the introduction of new character Wally Strand.

‘It enables him to move around the action and commentate on it, often humorously, giving the feel of a Will Young concert framing the story.’

Young may be a little too mainstream for some but to have dual careers in both music and theatre for 2 decades show what an engaging performer he has become.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Will Young. Tickets 
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