ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Disco by Kylie Minogue (November 2020)


RELEASED?: 6/11/20

TRACKLIST: Magic; Miss A Thing; Real Groove; Monday Blues; Supernova; Say Something; Last Chance; I Love It; Where Does The DJ Go?; Dance Floor Darling; Unstoppable; Celebrate You

It’s only by experimentation that true pop genius can be appreciated and, if Kylie’s 2018’s album Golden and its shimmy with country was a misstep, then its follow-up, Disco, is more sure-footed for it.

  • Read on for reasons including why Disco is Kylie’s best album for years

We’ve been here for Kylie since Stock Aitken and Waterman classic I Should Be So Lucky topped the charts for her at the 1st try in 1987.

We wrote about the many times we’ve seen her live in London at venues ranging from The 02, 02 Brixton Academy, Wembley Arena and the now-no-more London Arena, when the lead track from this album, Say Something, was unleashed in July.

Apart from 2015’s Kylie Christmas, Kylie hasn’t released a quarter 3 album since X in 2007 and there’s an undeniable confidence about this her 15th collection and 1 on which she’s co-written every track.

The dancefloor of course was where she was reborn in a pair of golden hotpants in 2000 when Spinning Around took her back to number 1 for the 1st time in a decade.

England’s now in its 2nd lockdown and the ability to go to a disco has been denied us since March and yet the need to enjoy the euphoria of the dance floor has meant that albums this year by Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa in particular have struck such a chord.

Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Songs From The Kitchen Disco album out 13/11 fulfils a similar need to Disco, completed in Kylie’s London home studio during lockdown, in that it’s very much making the best of the difficult situation within which we find ourselves.

What’s impressive about Disco is not just that Minogue has a hand in writing every song and, although the singles from it were good, there are also plenty of other highlights on an album which works well together around its titular theme.

We’re especially enjoying the Monday-through Friday hook and ‘Get me to the weekend’ vibe of Monday Blues, 70s string stabs and Daft Punk influences on joyous Supernova and disco spirit coarsing through Where Does The DJ Go?.

Disco concludes beautifully with the moving Celebrate You in which the singer praises friend ‘Mary’ for getting the best out of her and it feels like she’s personally thanking each and every 1 of her fans.

Minogue’s more renowned for her killer singles than albums and we’d put Disco right up there with her best collections as a more grown up Light Years and as exuberant and fun as Rhythm Of Love.

  • Picture by BMG via Facebook courtesy Kylie Minogue Tickets
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