5 reasons why we love Sophie Ellis-Bextor

By Carron Stacey

1. Groovejet

I know she attributes an awful lot of her subsequent musical opportunities to this track, with Spiller, and this 2000 summer track must surely sit somewhere in your life soundtrack. Indie kids will have known her from Theaudience and dance lovers will adore what the NME called this “slip of irresistible ice-filtered summer funk”.

  • Read on for reasons including Kitchen Disco, Spinning Plates podcast and Crying At The Discotheque

2. Murder on the Dancefloor


As well as being another great disco single with such a memorable title, I recall many, many nights hollering along to Sophie’s cut-glass vocals on the original Singstar (the PlayStation karaoke game from the early 2000s).

3. Kitchen disco and the special after-party

During lockdown, a work friend said she’d been watching Sophie’s Kitchen Disco online on Friday evenings. I tuned in a bit late to the party, but wow what a party it was! Full of children of all ages playing with toys and instruments, with a besequinned Sophie whirling around her rather large kitchen under a disco light, in towering, glitzy heels which never seem to trip over her microphone lead. She interspersed her own and others’ party songs with a commentary to us, simultaneously scooping up a child or two (she has five – I know!), always praising them on their dressing up outfit or their dancing, and never getting cross, modelling a brilliant example of a working mum. Which leads me onto my next item. 

4. Spinning Plates podcasts

I was never a great fan of podcasts, preferring the written word but during lockdown, I discovered I could relax long enough to listen to something or even watch a video on a topic. I have loved the first two episodes of Spinning Plates, Sophie’s chats with working mums. Talking to Fearne Cotton and Caitlin Moran, you get the feeling she knows these women well but you can hear the level of mutual respect. Fearne and Sophie share similar musician household lifestyles with multiple children, and Caitlin was Sophie’s first interviewer at the age of 17. I laughed out loud at them at times and it really did feel like I was privy to a chat between two girls next door.

5. Kitchen Disco tour and album

Cynics among you may think she started the Kitchen Discos with this in mind but if she did, fair play to her. She entertained us greatly on Friday nights and I may just go and see her when she tours in May next year. Sophie’s album Songs from the Kitchen Disco is out on 23 October. Available to stream/download now is her new single, Crying at the Discotheque, originally by Alcazar in 2001, but which samples Spacer by Sheila and B. Devotion from 1979 (written and produced by the awesome Nile Rodgers and the late Bernard Edwards of Chic) and which almost makes up for having missed seeing Chic perform at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth this year. I’ll just get into the loft and seek out my glitterball and sequinned high heels in the meantime…oh and where’s that PS2? Tickets

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