SONG OF THE WEEK: Stars by Veronica Green (week beginning 10/4/21)


OUT: Friday 2 April 2021

Of all the drag queens in season 2 of BBC Three’s hit TV series Drag Race UK, it was Veronica Green who had the most rollercoaster ride.

  • Read on for reasons including where to see Green in the West End next month

The season started filming pre-lockdown in early 2020 and Green won a RuPeter badge for the 2nd episode in which she performed brilliantly showing off both her singing range and star quality in the ‘RuSical’ Rats, inspired by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats.

Green’s new single Stars is also very musical theatre with lyrics charting a difficult childhood, being drawn to the city and eventually finding a joyous new life fulfilled: ‘They tell you, you are nothing, they tell you, you are strange … A train leads to the city, the city shows you life, life leads to your friends, you laugh, you love, you cry.’

It’s a familiar path that will resonate with a gay audience

It’s quite different from the more obvious disco that many of her Drag Race contemporaries have used as the template for their debut singles after the show – and all the better for that.

Musical theatre was the arena in which Green made her mark and it makes perfect sense for her to return to the genre that singled her out. She’s an impressive voice too which could see her in more West End roles than the 1 we have already seen her in pre-Drag Race.

One of the song’s writer/producers is Ian Masterson who has worked with Kylie, Dannii Minogue, Bananarama, Girls Aloud, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Pet Shop Boys and is the music producer on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Fans of Drag Race UK will remember Green has an open invitation to appear in season 3 after Covid-19 forced her show exit when filming resumed on the 2nd season – and we hope she takes it up. She’s a star in the making.

She also joins season 1 winner The Vivienne and fellow season 2 turn Tia Kofi for West End shows in May. Tickets

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Veronica Green. Tickets
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