GIG REVIEW: Infinite Disco by Kylie


WHEN?: livestreamed 7/11/20 and repeated 31/12/20

SETLIST: Magic; Come Into My World; I Love It; In Your Eyes; Light Years; Supernova; I Should Be So Lucky; Dancefloor Darling; All The Lovers; Say Something; Real Groove; Slow; Monday Blues; Where Does The DJ Go?; Love At First Sight; Last Chance; Magic

Kylie recently appeared on Dua Lipa’s Studio 2054 which reportedly won an audience of more than 5 million smashing all records for a livestream.

  • Read on for reasons including how much of a place livestreams have in 2021 when gigs are impossible

Kylie’s own Infinite Disco livestream debuted 3 weeks before Studio 2054 and, although less popular, set the benchmark for a pay-to-view event which was of a quality that fans would want to watch at a time when they were unable to see their favourite acts live.

We watched it then and found the Dice app on which it was debuted needlessly complicated to use but tried it again to watch Infinite Disco once more on New Year’s Eve on a laptop and found repetition made it easier.

We’ve seen Kylie live 9 times in London since 1990 and Infinite Disco is a real return to form, despite livestream’s limitations, since 2014’s Kiss Me Once tour, the last time we saw Kylie live, which seemed a little cheap compared with the arena extravaganzas that had gone immediately before it.

Shot in north west London’s LH3 Studios, it’s essentially a live performance which looks visually stunning thanks to lasers and a lit-up dance floor that features a troop of both gospel singers and socially distanced back-up dancers.

It fits a lot into its 60 minutes and dispenses with chat from its star, which we felt our Gig of 2020 benefitted hugely from given how isolating the year was, and needlessly incorporated some of Kylie’s biggest hits when she’d just released arguably her best ever album which should have been more of the focus as Melanie C‘s recent triumphant livestream was.

However, the attention to detail in the visuals and performance really enhanced the material. For us the promotional campaign around Disco has been curious with 2 of its less interesting tracks, Say Something and Magic, chosen to wave its flag.

Far more compelling are some of the Disco tracks given airtime here, we’re thinking especially the ABBA-esque Last Chance, catchy Monday Blues and disco-tactic Where Did The DJ Go?. The moment when Dancefloor Darling speeds up about three-quarters of the way through is probably the most exhilarating moment of Kylie’s 30-plus year career near pop’s throne.

Unintended or not, when she sings ‘The world’s trying to break me, I need you to save me’ it sums up 2020 perfectly and how Kylie’s fans feel about her and how much they need her to get through. So ‘I’m leaving behind all the stress in my mind, Singing I Will Survive‘ from the same song couldn’t be more prescient.

The utterly joyous, confetti-strewn, call-and-response anthem that is Last Chance is the undoubted highlight topping a show in a different format that is well worth its £16 fee.

Given that the 1st gig in our 2021 diary is not until March, and there’s probably a question mark over whether live gigs as we’ve known them will return by then, the livestream seems both a lucrative and worthwhile way for acts to re-connect with an audience that has been crying out for their company and diversion for far too long.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Kylie Tickets
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