SONG OF THE WEEK: Look What You’ve Done by Tia Kofi and Cahill (week beginning 14 May 2021)


RELEASED: Friday 7 May 2021

The 2nd single by the Clapham drag queen after her respectable showing in RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and this collaboration with Cahill finds Kofi on surer footing rather than her 1st, much darker effort.

  • Read on for reasons including where to see Kofi with fellow Drag Queens Of Pop in the West End next week

Look What You’ve Done is much more dance floor friendly than its predecessor Outside In and as lockdown eases the increase in joy and abandon it offers feels right.

The lyrics muse: ‘I don’t really know if it’s love but it’s kind of crazy when we touch, Feeling like I’m 20 years young, boy Look What You’ve Done To Me.’

Cahill is familiar to us for his hands-in-the-air club remix of the Oscar-nominated Husavik from film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga.

It’s quite the journey for 30-year-old Lawrence Bolton from Nottingham who was described as ‘basic’ for her outfits in Drag Race UK.

Of her musical performance we said: ‘Tia Kofi, whose sparring with A’Whora is always entertaining, could have ruined the Ru-sical by purposely miscasting it but she plays to everyone’s strengths spurning Cherry Valentine’s overtures to win the von Fleas part.’

We added: ‘We’re also enjoying Tia Kofi’s sense of humour, self deprecation and defiant response in owning the ‘basic’ label she’s been awarded by the other queens.

We said: ‘It’s always entertaining when 2 queens go to war and there seems to be little love lost between Clapham’s Tia Kofi and Nottingham’s A’Whora. Funniest show line from Kofi to the Brit Crew as they attempted to lift her: ‘I didn’t like the sound of struggling.’

Kofi worked with Little Boots on her 1st post Drag Race UK single and if she can continue with collaborators of that calibre and including Cahill future success seems assured.

We join her and fellow Drag Race UK contestants Veronica Green and The Vivienne for a West End show next week and look out on this site for a review from it.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Tia Kofi Tickets
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