SONG OF THE MONTH: Norman and Norma by The Divine Comedy (June 2019)

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Looking for an affectionate song about the peculiarly British awkwardness about sex in relationships that is as good as the best of Victoria Wood but here sounds like it’s sung by Jarvis Cocker?

  • Read on for reasons including where to see Divine Comedy on tour

Here we meet the titular comedy couple Norman and Norma and hang out with them for at least 20 years during their relationship.

Divine Comedy frontman Neil Hannon tells us: ‘Norman and Norma got married in Cromer April 1983′ but things get a little racier in a chorus of: ”Oh Norman! It’s never, ever felt like this before. And Oh Norman! I’ve never really felt your kiss before.’

We then build to a climax of: ‘One day in Clacton there’s a re-enactment of Normans and Saxons and this, gets their juices flowing and before long they’re going and fighting like it’s 1066.’

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 20.56.18

If you loved big hit National Express, Norman and Norma is in similar lighthearted and jaunty vein. It’s not typical of the band’s work but is, perhaps, the essence of what it’s best known for.

The Comedy’s 12th studio album Office Politics is out Friday (7 June 2019), we’ve praised opening single Queuejumper and we’re seeing them on tour later this year at the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith.

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