SONG OF THE WEEK: Digging Deeper by Alison Goldfrapp & Claptone (Week beginning Tuesday 7 February 2023)


A year ago Impossible by Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp featuring Alison Goldfrapp was a song of the month for us and now she features on an intriguing club collaboration before embarking on her 1st solo music.

  • Read on for reasons including what we’re hoping for from Alison Goldfrapp’s new solo project

Musically Claptone appear to be drawing on 90s hits like Macarena, Spice Girls’ remixes or Whigfield hits for the keyboard sounds without ever quite apeing the full-on commerciality of any such propositions.

The lyrics, such as they are, appear to find the former frontwoman at a bit of a career crossroads which seems apt as she muses: ‘Everything has changed’ and ‘I’m Digging Deeper now.’

There would appear to be some consternation amongst the very many fans of the band with which our singer shares her surname and the fact that her musical partner Will Gregory appears to be playing no role in her upcoming solo outing.

We saw them perform Felt Mountain live at Royal Festival Hall in April 2022 and said: ‘Goldfrapp has never been the most prolific band and we’ve never had to wait quite so long for a new studio album as the 5 long years since Silver Eye.

‘So we’ve everything crossed that there’s a new album on the horizon, perhaps stocked with some of those trademark dancefloor gems, that we can enjoy live at a venue or even better at an outdoor festival – and soon. A Good Friday indeed.’

Alison Goldfrapp’s distinction between club collaborations and solo work leads us to believe the latter might be quite different to Digging Deeper.

She’s one of our favourite artists and certainly an exacting presence and we just hope that new solo music is incoming soon because we can’t wait to hear it.

  • Main picture via Facebook courtesy Alison Goldfrapp Tickets
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