SONG OF THE MONTH: Impossible by Röyksopp and Alison Goldfrapp (week beginning 15 February 2022)


Goldfrapp’s last album was 2017’s Silver Eye and so singer Alison Goldfrapp’s feature on this new single by Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp is more than welcome.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about Röyksopp and Goldfrapp’s 2022 gigs

Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland from Tromsø in northern Norway are famed for their downbeat electronica that combines elements of house music and Afro-American sounds.

This collaboration with Goldfrapp’s lead singer suits both well as it is musically upbeat in the vein of the songs for which Goldfrapp are best known but combines with some high-pitched wailing and a lyric that is far from commercial.

Impossible is the 3rd song to be released from Röyksopp’s 6th studio album Profound Mysteries to be unleashed on 29 April 2022. Earlier releases were (Nothing But) Ashes… and The Ladder.

Röyksopp is the word for the class of mushrooms known as puffballs and with 2 gigs onsale in their home country this summer who would bet against them announcing UK gigs at the time of the album’s release?

Goldfrapp, a former Alton Convent School pupil, is on the road herself this spring with her band celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album Felt Mountain at gigs delayed by 2 years because of Covid.

We join them at London’s Southbank Centre in April and having seen them at venues as diverse as Glastonbury, Camden Roundhouse, Finsbury Park and Greenwich Music Time, we can’t wait to see them once again in the flesh.

Now we just need a new album from them to look forward to. In the meantime Impossible is a pleasurable and diverting stopgap within our grasp.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Röyksopp Tickets
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