PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2022 Heat 3 starring Linda Bengtzing, Faith Kakembo and Anders Bagge

By Aline Mahrud

WHEN?: Saturday 19 February 2022 7pm UK/8pm CET Update: Covid means all shows will now be from Stockholm

WHERE? Linköping Saab Arena WHERE DO I WATCH? SVT Play

Bengtzing returns to the scene of her greatest success for an 8th attempt at the Melodifestivalen win that has eluded her with such fan favourites as Jag ljuger så bra (I lie so well), Hur svårt kan det va? (How hard can it be?) and E de fel på mig? (Is there something wrong with me?).

  • Read on for reasons including Faith Kakembo, Lisa Miskovsky and Anders Bagge

In recent years she has eschewed the schlager sound for which she is most beloved preferring instead to co-write her own entries.

She’s never finished higher than 5th in her 4 finalen appearances, her best result was with the classic Hur svårt kan det va? in 2008, and yet we hope her reconnection with legend Thomas G:son, who co-wrote E de fel på mig? can signal a return to the glory days for 1 of MF’s unsung heroes.

Bengtzing hasn’t made a finalen since performing that G:son co-write in 2011 and if there was ever a time when we needed to be reminded of both her gutsy vocals and schlager genius of some of her most memorable hits it is now.

Bengtzing says: ‘I want the performance to feel like the party of all parties. We cheer to our memories, and give a four-fold hurrah to existing.’

6. Linda Bengtzing Fyrfaldigt hurra! (Four Times Hurray!) Thomas G:son, Linda Bengtzing, Myra Granberg, Daniel Jelldéus 

Faith Kakembo made her Melodifestivalen debut in 2020 and while the Swedish-Ugandan singer had a top-notch team including Jörgen Elofsson behind her entry Crying Rivers it deserved better than its fate which was to finish 5th in its heat.

We felt it deserved Andra Chansen saying: ‘Always difficult to judge a ballad after hearing a brief clip but this has plenty of potential. Not sure if Kakembo has the voice to do it justice however. A touch of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks about the descending chords.’

We do think she has the voice to progress in MF and once again she has a writing team behind her with Eurovision pedigree. Anderz Wrethov co-wrote 2019 winner Too Late For Love.

5. Faith Kakembo Freedom (Laurell Barker, Anderz Wrethov, Palle Hammarlund, Faith Kakembo)

Miskovsky has MF history and finished 9th in 2012 with Why Start A Fire?

3. Lisa Miskovsky Best To Come (Lisa Miskovsky, David Lindgren Zacharias)

Other acts include:

Show opener Cazzi Opeia I Can’t Get Enough (Bishat Araya, Jakob Redtzer, Cazzi Opeia, Paul Rey)

For more about the acts making their Melodifestivalen debuts read the joyous Scandipop site.

2. Lancelot Lyckligt slut (Happy ending) (Lance Hedman, Niklas Carson Mattsson)

4. Tribe Friday Shut Me Up (Isak Gunnarsson, Robin Hanberger Pérez, Noah Deutschmann)

7. Anders Bagge Bigger Than The Universe (Anders Bagge, Jimmy Jansson, Peter Boström, Thomas G:son)

Bagge co-wrote the 2010 and 2012 Eurovision entries for Azerbaijan.

  • Keep an eye on during January as we’ll be previewing 2022’s 28 entries. Heat 1 preview Heat 2 preview Heat 4 preview
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  • In March we’ll forecast how the finalen will go and how each of the 12 qualifiers would do in May in Turin at Eurovision.
  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Linda Bengtzing.
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