SONG OF THE MONTH: Crying On The Inside by Little Boots (January 2022)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

Canadian Carly Rae Jepson topped charts around the world including the UK and US with Call Me Maybe in 2011 and Little Boots’ new single was written for her.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about new album Tomorrow’s Yesterdays

We know this because Boots told us during her London gig last year which was shortlisted for a monsta for Best Gig of 2021.

We wrote in October: ‘Boots tells us the story of a gathering at Carly Rae Jepson’s house and how she was inspired to pen a Fleetwood Mac-infused song for her that was not accepted and so finds itself on Boots’ new album.

Crying On The Inside is a real attempt at pop not made pretty by trendy production and Boots admits she’s going for traditional songwriting now she’s not quite as trendy as she was when she burst on to the pop scene a decade or so ago.’

It’s also a song that Boots’ Patreon supporters rediscovered for her. Boots says: ‘My Patreon supporters have been incredible whilst I’ve been making my new album and in return they get a new track every month, exclusive access to monthly live streams, behind the scenes content and they see and hear everything first, pre release.

‘They help me choose the artwork for my releases, get advance access to limited edition merchandise and vinyls, they are my sounding board and have become a real family. They were the ones who convinced me to rework Crying On The Inside.

‘I wrote it years ago and it had been consigned to the demo drawer but it had always been a favourite, and after sharing with them they convinced me to re-record it for the new record.’

Should you join Boots’ Patreon you will be able to access everything shared with your tier so far, including the demo of Crying On The Inside, plus access to an exclusive new album pre-order link.

We’re expecting album Tomorrow’s Yesterdays to be released soon. Check out that gig review for our thoughts on some of the superior new songs you can find there. Lead track Silver Balloons was a song of the week for us last year.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Little Boots Tickets
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