SONG OF THE WEEK: Sweet Talker by Years & Years with Galantis (Friday 17 December 2021)

By Neil Durham


Welcome to the 6th single of 2021 by a solo Olly Alexander performing as Years & Years which tees up perfectly the band’s 3rd album Night Call, out 21 January 2022.

  • Read on for reasons including where to see Years & Years with Pet Shop Boys and Kylie on TV on New Year’s Eve

Sweet Talker is uptempo, revolves around a brilliant string flourish and boasts a chorus leaving the listener in no doubt that its singer is proudly and defiantly gay: ‘You’re such a sweet talker, You made me believe, Every lie was a beautiful sound, You’re such a sweet talker Man of my dreams.’

It’s been a strong year for Alexander with Crave a song of the week for us in November and Starstruck a song of the week for us in April.

After a barren 2020 in which it wasn’t clear at all whether there would be a 3rd LP, we’ve had duets with Elton John and Kyle this year as well as a Lady Gaga cover to celebrate the 10th anniversary release of the superb Born This Way set.

We join Olly for an intimate gig in London in February (tickets) and there’s a UK tour in May including a Wembley Arena gig (tickets).

Vote for Olly to win Best TV/Film actor in our monstas awards here. He’s shortlisted for his outstanding acting performance Channel 4’s angry and heartbreaking It’s A Sin, also nominated for Best TV of the year, with fellow cast members Omari Douglas (also shortlisted for Constellations as Best Theatre Actor of 2021 and currently starring in Cabaret) and Callum Scott Howells, with Lydia West shortlisted for Best TV/Film Actress for the show.

We’re a little disappointed Alexander has ruled himself out of being Russell T Davies’ next Doctor Who but heartened by his championing of Douglas for the role.

2022 is set to be a big year for fans of both the band and Alexander with much new music and touring to look forward to. Tune in to BBC1 on New Year’s Eve to watch Years & Years perform with Kylie and Pet Shop Boys.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Years & Years Tickets
  • Have you heard any of these songs or seen any of these shows? Let us know what you thought in the comments below
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