SONG OF THE WEEK: I’ll Stay by Blas Cantó (week beginning 1 May 2021)


RELEASED: 23 April 2021

As we write this, the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest final in which this song competes in its original Spanish language version will take place 3 weeks today.

  • Read on for reasons including a chance to hear the English language version of Spanish Eurovision entry Voy a quedarme (I will stay)

Voy a quedarme was a song of the week for us back in February ahead of the Spanish public selecting it as the 1 of 2 entries submitted by Blas Cantó for the world’s biggest singing competition this year in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

We’ve previewed the pre-qualified finalists and tipped our entries for qualification to it from semi final 1 on 18 May and semi final 2 on 20 May.

We think I’ll stay breaks many of what we feel are the rules for success this year. We think Europe generally is looking for an uptempo, fun winner as it seeks to break out of the introspection inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and look forward to the success of the rollout of the vaccination programme and the hope which accompanies it.

The video is a little bit mawkish dwelling on the death of an elderly relative and it is the English language version where the universality of the lyric encompassing perhaps a promise between lovers where the song is perhaps more successful.

The falsetto at its conclusion remains and it’s an over-the-top vocal which we would imagine has been designed around Cantó’s undoubted live prowess to act as catnip for the jury element of the vote but we still find it hard to work out exactly how that will go.

The bookmakers don’t fancy it much where it sits currently 33rd of 39 entries, the lowest of all this year’s pre-qualified finalists.

The OGAE clubs also have yet to award it a point and they are often a good indicator of the popular vote with The Roop triumphing last year, predicting Netta’s win in 2018, Denmark in 2013, Euphoria in 2012, Fairytale in 2009 and Molitva in 2007.

However, for us, it remains 1 of the best performed and moving entries in a Eurovision like no other – especially charming in its English language version here – and we cannot wait to see what Cantó brings to his imminent live final performance.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Blas Cantó  Tickets
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