SONG OF THE WEEK: Voy a quedarme by Blas Cantó (week beginning 13/2/21)


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Spain’s 2021 Eurovision Song Contest entrant Blas Cantó is no stranger to singing competitions.

  • Read on for reasons including to hear both potential entries including Memoria

At the turn of the century he was just eight years old when he took part in talent show Veo Veo. Four years later TVE found a Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner but it was not to be Cantó  who was a Eurojunior finalist with Sentir.

In 2009 Cantó founded the boy band Auryn with Álvaro Gango, Carlos Marco, David Lafuente and Dani Fernández. Two years later the band participated in Destino Eurovisión, making the top 3.

Auryn didn’t make Dusseldorf but released 4 albums, including chart toppers Anti-Heroes in 2013 and Circus Avenue a year later, the latter boasting number 1 single Puppeteer.

His 1st solo album Complicado was a 2018 number 1 and we weren’t at all keen on his 2020 Eurovision entry Universo. We said: ‘Cantó is bisexual like last year’s winner and has chosen to dress down in the live clip above. monstagigz spends as much time in Spain as possible  and we would have loved to have been more excited about this. The former boy band singer topped the Spanish charts in 2018 with his debut album and this is grown-up, middle-of-the-road fare.’

Our pick of the 2 Eurovision options presented to Spain is Voy a quedarme (I’m going to stay) (watch and listen immediately below) which is a wordy song which builds and seems to have been written to show off Cantó’s fine live vocal.

We’re also enjoying the song it is up against and include it for completeness. International listeners can vote for their favourite and we’ll bring you details of Spain’s final selection show, expected in February, when we know them.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Blas Cantó  Tickets
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