TV PREVIEW: Eurovision Song Contest Final 2018

WHEN: 12/5/18

WHERE: Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal

The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Portugal for the first time ever and we’re predicting the UK’s best result there since Jade Ewen finished 5th in 2009.

  • Read on for our final predictions including the reveal of the last of our 4 potential winners

Rehearsals start 29/4 and we’ll update our predictions to reflect them as they progress. Read on for our thoughts on the 7 pre-qualified entries for the final.

FRANCE Madame Monsieur Mercy PREDICTION: 11th to 15th

The lyrics and the video appear to be the story of an immigrant child which is an issue pertinent to much of Europe currently. The song has been compared to Christine And The Queens and while we don’t think it’s quite so good, we can see why this has already been a top 3 hit in its own country.

GERMANY Michael Schulte You Let Me Walk Alone PREDICTION: 1st to 5th

Joins Sweden, Norway and Montenegro as a potential winner for us. This piano ballad reminds of Ed Sheeran and Adele and, while we think the lyric is about an absent father and that may be to its detriment, this is probably the song we currently think is most likely to win the whole contest. Beautiful.

ITALY Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente PREDICTION: 21st to 26th

Not one of our favourites.

PORTUGAL Claudia Pascoal O Jardim PREDICTION: 21st to 26th

Drawn 8th and we see this as having the traditional host country result of well down the scoreboard’s right hand side.

SPAIN Amaia and Alfred Tu Cancion PREDICTION: 16th to 20th

Translated as Your Song, we’ve found ourselves singing along to this touching love song when we least expected it. While there does appear to be some chemistry between its protagonists, it’s not one of our highlights.

UK SuRie Storm PREDICTION: 6th to 10th

We were very disappointed that the UK chose this when we thought it had a potential winner in its selection. However, it was in its live performance where this song really came into its own. The remix has rather downplayed its tub thumping potential but we’re predicting the UK’s best result since Jade Ewen in Moscow in 2009.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Michael Schulte. Link to watch here. Semi 1 and Semi 2 predictions. Are our predictions way off? Let us know in the comments below.
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