ALBUM OF THE MONTH: What The Future Holds by Steps (December 2020)


OUT: 27/11/20

TRACKLIST: What The Future Holds; Something In My Eyes: Clouds; To The Beat Of My Heart; Father’s Eyes; One Touch; Under My Skin; Heartbreak In This City; Come And Dance With Me; Don’t You Leave Us Halfway; To The One; Hold My Heart; What The Future Holds

If 2017’s comeback album Tears On The Dancefloor was an attempt to give the band’s loyal fans what they wanted (all bangers no fillers), 2020’s consolidation seems very much about broadening their appeal with more mature mid-paced material.

  • Read on for reasons including our latest Steps for Eurovision thoughts and how to buy tickets for their 2021 tour

Which is not to say that there aren’t any pop highlights here. We’re fully expecting lead-off singles, the Sia-penned title track and Melodifestivalen cover Something In Our Eyes, to make our soon-to-be-published Best Song of 2020 shortlist.

We’re loving that the band continue to address the desire of many for them to compete for the UK in Eurovision.

But we’d say that ambition of ours seems further away with the arrival of this album which includes some very middle-of-the-road, adult-orientated plodders which have a place to convince the waverers who may have enjoyed Claire Richards’ debut album that the Steps party was one worth joining.

For what it’s worth we think the band would have to enter something of the calibre of their lead singles here to register at Eurovision because it’s a very different beast to the one that existed when the band 1st hit the charts in the late 90s.

These days our favourite Eurovision and Melodifestivalen songs of 2020 tend to be more sophisticated and different than Steps even at their most mature.

So what do you need to know about this, the band’s 6th studio album and their upcoming 2021 tour featuring 2 O2 gigs among the 18 dates? Tickets

Well, the best tracks here are the uptempo To The Beat Of My Heart and Heartbreak In The City. The former is the band’s new single and was co-written by monstagigz favourites MNEK and Xenomania among others. Heartbreak occasionally sounds very ABBA and was co-written Karl Twigg who was behind some of Steps’ earliest hits.

The plodders are less thrilling but do at least show the band have ambition. Their runner-up debut position on the UK albums chart shows that may well be achieved.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Steps Tickets
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