Glastonbury Festival remembered: 1994, 1995, 2015, 2016 and 2017

Do you remember the first time? Glastonbury Festival was due to celebrate its 50th birthday this month and to celebrate we’re casting our mind back to the highlights of the five years we’ve attended.

  • Read on for reasons including our highlights from 5 Glastonbury Festivals including the rise of Jarvis Cocker

Glastonbury is about so much more than the music but it’s to the NME Stage on the afternoon of Sunday 26 June at our first festival in 1994 that we transport you to. Eighth on the bill were Oasis, fifth Pulp, third Radiohead and second Blur.

In June 1994 second single Shakermaker made number 11 on the charts and the attitude-filled eight-song Oasis set in which it was performed wore its Beatles’ influences proudly on its sleeve and included future classics Live Forever and Cigarettes and Alcohol in its locker.

Pulp (pictured, watch full set below and see if you can spot us) were our favourites and their eight songs didn’t include Common People (we would see that unveiled at that year’s Reading Festival in August) but it did feature fine singles Lipgloss, Razzmatazz, Do You Remember The First Time and Babies.

Blur’s album Parklife debuted at number one in April and their 15-song set included the title track and its lead single Girls And Boys.

The following year and we were Glastonbury virgins no more and, as if to cement the hold that Britpop had on the charts and in our hearts, Pulp (watch full set and see if you can spot us below) replaced The Stone Roses on Saturday 24 June as the Pyramid Stage headliners. Their 12 songs included live debuts for Mis-Shapes, Disco 2000 and Sorted For Es and Whizz from what was to become the classic album Different Class which wasn’t released until 30 October 1995. Anthem Common People had made number 2 in the chart in the run up to this appearance.

We’d later see Pulp that year at Exeter University, the city in which we were living, and headlining V Festival a year later but it was the rise of the band at Glastonbury that will always be our favourite memory of the festival.

Oasis headlined the Pyramid Stage on Friday, a perhaps even more dramatic accession than Pulp’s, but it was Jarvis Cocker and co that monstagigz was rooting for.

We didn’t return to Glastonbury for 20 years after that and you can read what we thought about 2015, 2016 and 2017 on this site.

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