Top 9 Glastonbury Festival 2017 acts

  1. Lorde reigns

Melodrama is our favourite album of the year so far and made number 5 in the UK charts this week as well as topping them in the US. Liability broke our hearts and Perfect Places proved she’s the fire in her belly to be one of pop’s most interesting stars for a long time yet. She played her fans at the Other Stage a video of Kate Bush’s epic Running Up That Hill on Friday immediately before she appeared. And that probably tells you all you need to know about her ambition. BBC coverage

  • Read on for acts including Hobo Jones, Áine Cahill, Lucy Spraggan & Land of the Giants

2. Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs

Looking for just one act that embodies the Glastonbury spirit? Their skiffle punk sets which opened the Avalon Stage at 1pm Friday and closed the Avalon Cafe at midnight on Saturday were bursting with heart, soul and spirit. The cover of Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry About A Thing and accompanying story were just perfect. Find out more here.






3. Áine Cahill

There’s so many stages at Glastonbury that one of its charms is that you can lose yourself in the place and stumble across something truly amazing. We didn’t have to go far because this Irish singer followed Hobo Jones on to the Avalon Stage. We loved her clear vocals and vivid storytelling so much we caught a stripped back set later that day at the Bread and Roses. We loved songs Psycho and next single Pretty Boy especially. Find out more here.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 17.14.26

4. Chic’s Good Times

Chic can always be relied upon to bring the Good Times to any festival and as the sun beat down on the Pyramid Stage after Barry Gibb their hits really pleased the crowd. BBC coverage

5. Barry Gibb’s early evening fever

There was something quite charming about this pop legend being taken aback with the love with which he was being received as he trawled his back catalogue for some pop classics we remembered and others we’d no idea he’d written. BBC coverage

6. Lucy Spraggan

Saturday lunchtime on the Acoustic Stage and our first gig with one of our favourite former X Factor contestants. She got the boisterous crowd to sing along to her songs, described it as the gig of her life and we especially appreciated the strength of the songwriting, from a putdown to an unhappy Blues fan to an observation of the devastation of Alzheimer’s. Find out more here.

7. Land of the Giants

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 14.22.18

We mentioned this Plymouth band last year and this they closed the Gateway stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we caught their opening set there on Thursday. The ska-fuelled tunes and superb brass section never fail to get the crowd dancing. Find out more here.

8. Shappi Khorsandi

There’s always been a political edge to Glastonbury as the appearance of Jeremy Corbyn proved this year and nowhere is that more obvious than on the Cabaret Stage where some of Britain’s finest comedians plyed their trade. We singled out Jeremy Hardy last year but Shappi Khorsandi sparked some of the biggest laughs this year in her Saturday evening set. Find out more here.

9. Just A Couple Of Mums

We discovered a new stage this year called The Spike where this duo DJ-ed euphoric 70s/80s pop in a woodland. The reaction was so overwhelming the needles on their records kept jumping. Find out more here.

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