SONG OF THE WEEK: My Freedom by Magnus Carlsson (week beginning 14/6/20)


OUT: now

Former Alcazar frontman Carlsson references two of his biggest Melodifestivalen hits in this positive, high-energy tale of coming out and finding happiness which is, appropriately, this year’s Stockholm Pride anthem.

  • Read on for reasons including a chance to listen to My Freedom and hear which former hits he namechecks

It’s not quite a Live Forever or Not A Sinner Nor A Saint but it complements them nicely and, as his first single in three years, we’re just delighted to see Carlsson back doing what he does best.

The music is uptempo pop that you can dance to but it’s the lyrics which really convince as a Pride anthem.

Anyone unsure about the merits of coming out will take comfort in the words which read: ‘I kept it to myself/But knew that finally one day I would surrender/I would be standing here in front of you/And tell you just the way things are/So when you’re looking at me now/Been some way to go/Everything I know/I am not alone.’

Its feel good theme is perfect for Pride as it continues: ‘I wanted you to see me who I am/I opened up my eyes and then I got My Freedom … I’m here to love the one I really want.’

Carlsson has competed in Melodifestivalen eight times in three different guises (three times with Barbados, twice with Alcazar and three times solo, the last time being in 2015) and we’d love for him to return.

It was with Barbados that we first fell in love with both Carlsson and MF via the OGAE Second Chance contest.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Magnus Carlsson. Tickets
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