SONG OF THE WEEK: Straight To The Morning by Hot Chip featuring Jarvis Cocker (week beginning 14/11/20 )


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Hot Chip caught our ear earlier this year with a fine remix of Daði Freyr’s Eurovision winner-that-never was (clip below) but it is with this dancefloor juggernaut that they really strike gold.

  • Read on for reasons including how Cocker injects the sex here

Lyrically, Straight To The Morning follows well-worn themes ploughed by the Younger Younger 28’s We’re Going Out and Fatboy Slim in ‘Eat, Rave, Repeat’ mode.

Jarv Is collection Beyond The Pale was an album of the week for us in July and we’ve written before about our enthusiasm for 90s Pulp.

Here Cocker arrives at just the right time to inject a little sex into proceedings with his deep-voiced contributions including: ‘I pick you up at half past ten, I see you move by 11, I feel the heat, let’s cut the lights, It’s a small slice of heaven’ and ‘We’ve only just begun, We’ve just begun to get it on.’

The world’s best music blog Like 1999 has an intriguing backstory to this song involving monstagigz favourite Dua Lipa and, for us, as explained Straight To The Morning is even more euphoric and foot-to-the-floor dance floor than that Dadi Freyr remix.

  • Picture via YouTube courtesy Hot Chip featuring Jarvis Cocker Tickets
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