SONG OF THE MONTH: Bad Sharon by Robbie Williams and Tyson Fury (December 2019)


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Welcome to Robbie Williams’ best song since She’s Madonna, his 2007 duet with the Pet Shop Boys.

  • Read on for reasons including how Williams has equalled Elvis Presley

It features on Robbie’s festive album The Christmas Present, his 13th number one album collection, equalling Elvis Presley’s record as the UK’s most popular solo male act.

We’re no fans of boxer Tyson Fury but he’s genuinely very funny as the former Take That frontman’s foil here not least when saying: ‘Here he comes, I can see him. Go to bed you sleepy dossers.’

Williams has always had a way with a winning lyric that speaks very directly to what it is actually like living in the UK as well as going further than where others have dared.

And so we have this Christmas anthem which observes: ‘It’s the time of the year where we all Get along, ’cause as long as there’s beer.’

Fury’s right there urging all on to bad behaviour with the memorable: ‘So come on, you sad sacks, You’re not gonna win the human race, Put on your glad rags, Go get off your face.’

Continuing into the chorus with: ‘Grab Bad Sharon from the office, Nick the champagne, let’s get off it Just in time for Auld Lang Syne, There’s still a few crackers left to pull, Under the mistletoe, you fools.’

Musically it’s a joyous mix of 90s Britpop and Christmas Mariah Carey. It’s our favourite Christmas song since Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl and certainly possesses the same glint in its eye.

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