AWARDS MONSTAS: Our Best Theatre Actor of 2019 so far

We awarded 14 monstas for the best pop, theatre, TV and film of 2018 in December – and here we look at the cream of 2019 so far and what’s to come. Arinze Kene, Andrew Scott, George Mackay and James McAvoy are previous winners in this category.

  • Read on for our top 5 best theatre actors of 2019 so far and our hopes for the next half year

  1. Theo Ancient The Shy Manifesto, Greenwich Theatre Review

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 18.20.05

We said: ‘Ancient is so whipcrack smart that time in his company passes effortlessly.’

2. David Moorst A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Bridge Theatre  Tickets Review


We said: ‘We can’t help but admire David Moorst’s mischievous sprite Puck for his acrobatics while acting but also his enthusiasm for going off script as he runs through the audience in the pit where we are.’

3. Stephen Rea Cyprus Avenue, Royal Court Review

We said: ‘It is Rea’s portrait of a family man living in the past fighting battles that few care about any more that is most vivid.’

4. Ukweli Roach Jesus Hopped The ‘A’ Train, Young Vic Review

We said: ‘Roach’s impressive central role will have you on the edge of your seat as you experience at first-hand the emotional journey that he makes.’

5. Andrew Scott Present Laughter, Old Vic Tickets Review

We said: ‘Scott’s character has been played by fine actors including Ian McKellen and Simon Callow and we can’t imagine them having as much fun with the vain actor as Scott does here.’

On our radar for the next 6 months are Alex Jennings (Hansard, National Theatre Tickets), Matt Smith (Lungs, Old Vic Tickets) and Sion Daniel Young (On Bear Ridge, Royal Court Tickets).

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Old Vic Tickets
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