THEATRE REVIEW: Guys And Dolls starring Marisha Wallace & Daniel Mays at Bridge Theatre

By Neil Durham

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

WHEN?: 3 March, opens 13 March and runs through 2 September 2023 RUNTIME: 160 minutes (including a 15-minute interval)

Marisha Wallace is scene-stealingly sensational in this revival of a musical theatre classic as nightclub singer Miss Adelaide, a role often played for laughs rather than deploying the killer voice Wallace has.

  • Read on for reasons including how this is 1 of the best revivals of a show we have ever seen
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9 reasons why we can’t wait for March 2023 starring Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theatre

  1. Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theatre

This venue’s promenade performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Julius Caesar have been amongst some of the best theatre we’ve ever immersed ourselves in and so this similar new production of a musical which is 1 of our favourites offers a great deal to look forward to. Not least with a cast including Marisha Wallace (Oklahoma!, Young Vic) and Daniel Mays (The Caretaker, Old Vic). Runs 3 March, opens 14 March through 2 September 2023. Tickets Review

  • Read on for reasons including Self Esteem, Cian Ducrot and the return of Eugenius
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THEATRE REVIEW: John Gabriel Borkman starring Simon Russell Beale, Lia Williams & Clare Higgins at the Bridge Theatre

By Aline Mahrud


WHEN?: Saturday 1 October (matinee), runs to 26 November 2022 RUNTIME: 105 minutes (no interval)

Russell Beale plays Borkman the titular banker jailed for fraud, released and plotting his comeback from the top floor of his luxury home he shares with his estranged wife.

  • Read on for reasons including how the acting is convincing but the subject matter is bleak
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9 reasons why we can’t wait for October 2022 starring Tammy Faye at the Almeida

  1. New Elton John, Jake Shears and James Graham musical

Tammy Faye Messner was an American evangelist, singer, author, talk show host, and television personality. This musical about her life includes music by Elton John, lyrics by Jake Shears and a book by James Graham (Ink, Almeida and BBC1’s Sherwood). It stars Katie Brayben and Andrew Rannells (The Prom and The Boys In The Band). Runs 13 October through 3 December. Tickets Review

  • Read on for reasons including Brown Boys Swim, Simon Russell Beale and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK
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THEATRE REVIEW The Southbury Child starring Alex Jennings at the Bridge Theatre

By Neil Durham


WHEN?: Saturday 6 August (matinee), booking until 27 August 2022 RUNTIME: 150 minutes (with a 20-minute interval)

Jennings won 3 Oliviers between 1988 and 2003 and here plays a vicar who likes a drink, may have been unfaithful to his wife but is causing a stir in the parish because he won’t allow balloons at a Disney-loving dead girl’s funeral.

  • Read on for reasons including how the author of The Southbury Child is the screenwriter of our favourite film
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9 reasons why we can’t wait for August 2022 starring Divine Comedy

  1. The Divine Comedy at the Barbican

Frontman Neil Hannon celebrates 30 years of his band by performing 10 of his albums in full across this 5-night residency in the Barbican in central London. The run begins on 31 August and continues on successive nights until Sunday 4 September. We last saw the band at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith in 2019 at a show which won our Best Gig monsta that year. Barbican residency review Tickets

  • Read on for reasons including Victorious Festival, a new play by Andrew Pollard and Bananarama gigs
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THEATRE REVIEW: Philip Pullman’s The Book Of Dust – La Belle Sauvage at Bridge Theatre

By Neil Durham

WORTH A LOOK?: ***1/2

WHEN?: Thursday 2 December 2021, opens 7 December booking until 26 February 2022

RUNTIME: 150 minutes (including a 20-minute interval)

The best thing about this prequel to His Dark Materials based on the 2017 book is the theatre debut of Samuel Creasey (pictured above right) who reminds of a young James Corden in the leading role as 12-year-old Malcolm Polstead.

  • Read on for reasons including how climate change fears and Storm Arwen make the setting very now
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9 reasons why we can’t wait for December 2021 starring Pantoland at the Palladium

  1. Pantoland At The Palladium starring Julian Clary

We’ve seen the Palladium’s annual pantomime in each of its 5 years and last year’s run was cruelly cut very short by Covid and so it is with some relief that we can report it is returning in 2021 with much of its now familiar variety-based cast but with Donny Osmond and The Tiller Girls added this Christmas. We’re big fans of Julian Clary and it’s a real treat to see him absolutely in his element. Last year we said: ‘Clary is a master of improvisation and the rest of the cast are clearly trying to stifle their own laughing often and, when Yarrow dries, Clary references Stemp in Mary Poppins  saying ‘Charlie’s chimney’s never dry’.’ Runs 4 December 2021 through 9 January 2022. Tickets

  • Read on for reasons including new musical Hex, Spring Awakening revival and world premieres of La Belle Sauvage and Force Majeure
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THEATRE REVIEW: Bach & Sons starring Simon Russell Beale at the Bridge Theatre


WHEN?: Friday 25 June, opens 29 June and booking to 11 September 2021

RUNTIME: 150 minutes with 20-minute interval

It’s easy to forget the power of theatre to move its audience and that thought is foremost in our mind as we leave this venue fellow theatregoers clearly wiping tears from their eyes.

  • Read on for reasons including why a gay audience will find a resonance in the story of Frederick The Great here
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AWARDS: winners of the 2020 monstas are …

monstagigz readers have been voting throughout December for their favourite pop, theatre, TV and film of 2020 from our shortlists. Read on for details of our 2020 monstas winners …

2020’s Best Theatre Actor

  • Michael Balogun (Death of England: Delroy, The Olivier, National Theatre, pictured above) Review National tickets
  • Thank you to everyone who voted. Picture via Facebook courtesy National Theatre
  • Read on for reasons including the remaining 13 theatre, pop, film & TV winners
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