GIG REVIEW: Steps & Saara Aalto at Greenwich Music Time


WHERE: Greenwich Music Time

WHEN: 5/7, touring to 20/7/18

SETLIST: Summer Of Love; Better The Devil You Know; 5,6,7,8; Say You’ll Be Mine; It’s The Way That You Make Me Feel; Chain Reaction; Heartbeat; Stomp; Glitter and Gold; No More Tears On The Dancefloor; Better Best Forgotten/Last Thing On My Mind; Neon Blue; Love U More / You”ll Be Sorry / After The Love Has Gone / Love’s Got A Hold Of My Heart; Deeper Shade Of Blue; Scared Of The Dark; One For Sorrow; Tragedy

Greenwich’s Old Royal Naval College sitting imperiously on the south bank of the Thames is a stunning outdoor venue and Steps are a fitting headline act for day 3 of the week-long Greenwich Music Time festival.

  • Read on for reasons including how Saara Aalto’s support slot went down

We arrive at the venue to see an energetic 10-song support slot from X Factor runner-up and Eurovision finalist Saara Aalto who is promoting her fine new album Wild, Wild Wonderland.

It doesn’t include the ABBA cover (The Winner Takes It All) or Kylie medley she deploys tonight but as the sun goes down on a gorgeous day the highlights from one of the most pop albums of 2018 are detonated like grenades.

It’s an explosive opening to a show which perfectly tees up a band we’ve previously seen at Portsmouth Guildhall in the 90s and The O2 just across the water in 2012.

This year has seen them maximising the strengths of their most recent Tears on The Dancefloor album with a film, tour soundtrack and updated singles collection all appearing around a Summer Of Steps outdoor tour of which this is a part.

Fans of the band will know full well that live is when they really come into their own with Claire’s impressive vocal to the fore and the dance potential of the big production numbers ramped up to the max.

The band’s love of their audience and enthusiasm for what they do is matched by the crowd and the gig rarely sags as it hits the heights of its inevitable Bee Gees-based conclusion.

For us we can’t imagine that there’s much left for them to achieve except perhaps capitalise on the ABBA nods and European nature of the support acts they’ve chosen this summer and finally have a tilt at Eurovision (5, 6, 7, 8 reasons why they should).

Better Best Forgotten or Better the Devil You Know? You decide.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Steps. Tickets
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