THEATRE REVIEW: Labyrinth starring Tom Weston-Jones

WORTH A LOOK?: ***1/2

WHERE: Hampstead Theatre

WHEN: 3/10, runs to 8/10

The Latin American debt crisis of the 80s might not sound like the most riveting subject for a play but its parallels with Grexit resonate.

  • Read on for which West End star was in the theatre bar on our Monday night visit

Writer Beth Steel gives us rookie American banker John (an initially fresh-faced and enthusiastic Sean Delaney) who is trying to escape his father’s shadowy past at the same time as being tutored by the aptly named Charlie (Tom Weston-Jones pictured above, in full Michael Wall Street Douglas ‘Greed is good’ mode).

Director Anna Ledwich places the action on a runway stage which stretches the width of the theatre, allowing the cast to access and exit at both ends through doorways as well as trapdoors into the stage echoing the title and theme of inter-connection yet confusion.

The Day Of The Dead nightmare scenes and drug-fuelled nightclub moments (complete with multi-coloured floor) are particularly effective.

We saw Kate Fleetwood (High Society at the Old Vic and Medea at the Almeida) in the bar before the play with her director husband Rupert Goold (Richard III at the Almeida).

Had they caught Labyrinth (we suspect they were actually watching another play in the same venue), we expect they would have found it a thought-provoking look at finance and greed providing insight into where we are today.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Hampstead Theatre. Tickets.
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