GIG REVIEW: Let’s Rock Southampton starring Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey

By Carron Stacey, A Humdrum Mum

WHEN?: Saturday 9 July 2022

Five surprises of the day: 1. Hearing Urban Cookie Collective play The Key: The Secret live during the Megamix section. Singer Danielle Barnett is also a life coach and public speaker!

  • Read on for reasons including Nick Heyward, Bad Manners and Scritti Politti

2. Dreaming a few weeks ago that Nick Heyward updated the lyrics to Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) (the Humdrums’ favourite Haircut 100 song) and then hearing that he actually did – he sang ‘Boy meets boy, girl meets girl’ after the original lyrics.

How much more can you love this guy? A true showman, great band and great songs – perfect for a Fantastic Day in the sun.

3. Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, pictured above) wearing a fabulous white suit, along with his female white-attired bandmates, playing Love on Your Side and Hold Me Now, but now realising he didn’t play We Are Detective!

4. Bad Manners’ Buster Bloodvessel reminding me what a classic track Walking in the Sunshine was with its lazy horn/bass combo intro. Coincidentally my 1982 Action Trax Vol 1 record had this track following a certain Favourite Shirts before! (Yes it’s still in my record collection and oh dear, it’s only worth £1.68 on Discogs.) Sadly they didn’t play Can Can!

5. Singing along to Wood Beez by Scritti Politti and trying to convince my friend’s husband that it is actually a classic. 

One disappointment: where were Ottowan?

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  2. Jo-Anne Llewellyn · August 1

    Where were Ottowan indeed? 🥺


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