SONG OF THE WEEK: Neon Lights by Annie featuring Jake Shears (week beginning 19 June 2021)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

RELEASED: Friday 18 June 2021

There can be few things more joyous than a spoken word middle eight of a pop song and the interplay here between 2 of our favourite pop stars immediately ushers this to the front of the queue to be our favourite song of the week.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about Shears’ new single just out Do The Television

Annie: ‘Hey Jake!’ Jake: ‘Hey Annie!’

Annie: ‘Do you know that feeling when you’re dragging up the past, reliving old memories?’ Jake: ‘Uh-huh.’

Annie: ‘And you know deep down that he really isn’t the one but it all just felt so good?’ Jake: ‘I know that one.’

Annie: ‘This is that feeling and I just wanna go there again underneath the Neon Lights. Wanna come with me?’

Jake: ‘Sure Annie, c’mon let’s go.’

We’re already imagining the animated video, a cartoonish affair like a-Ha’s supreme Take On Me, where at this point, Annie takes Jake by the hand and they hurtle through space and time against those titular Neon Lights as that saxophone breaks.

Annie’s last album Dark Hearts was an album of the month for us last year and while that was predominantly melancholic electro pop infused by a love of 80s hits, Neon Lights is far more punch-the-air-with-joy in its outlook.

We saw former Scissor Scissors’ frontman Shears live in London at the Scala and although solo he’s never quite reached the stellar heights he did with his band we are enjoying his new recently released single Do The Television but it’s absolutely Neon Lights that is most worthy of your attention.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Annie  Tickets
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