SONG OF THE WEEK: Dark Hearts by Annie (week beginning 1/9/20)

WORTH A LOOK?: ****1/2

OUT: now

We’ve only seen Norwegian electro pop star Annie live once we think, supporting St Etienne in October 2009 at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about other new Annie songs American Cars and The Bomb

It was around then that she released only her second and most recent LP Don’t Stop and its follow up which shares its title with this gorgeous single is out on 16/10/20.

Do you remember Matthew Wilder whose sole UK hit Break My Stride made number 4 in 1983? The synths in Dark Hearts remind of those in Break My Stride in a melodic if lolloping fashion. She’s essentially Sigrid‘s slightly more world weary elder sister.

The lyrics appear slightly darker than usual for Annie although it’s been a while since we’ve pored over the words in any of her impressive pop back catalogue.

‘Daddy left the family when I was only two, Later I found out he was abandoned too, Mama said to me to never trust a man, But I’m my father’s daughter, now you understand, so I said.

‘We can’t escape who we are, Story repeating, circles are meeting,’ should give you enough of a gist. Simple and given a fresh twist by being sung by a woman.

The music is typical Annie, those enthralled by the synth-pop perfection of early delights from debut LP Anniemal in 2004 – Greatest Hit, Chewing Gum and Me Plus One – will find much Scandi iceness combined with killer hooks here.

Annie describes the track as French electro saying its dark sentiments wrapped in the dreamiest of tones foreshadow the album: ‘It’s an inquiry into family relations… and the ongoing question heredity and environment. If you always end up in trouble… is it related to your family and the past, or is it simply because you always make fucked up choices… no matter what, it’s got the bass.’

We’ve already heard two other tracks from that long-awaited album. The Bomb is broken up by samples from 1988 apocalyptic thriller Miracle Mile and was recorded with principle album collaborator Stefan Storm (Sound of Arrows). Says Annie: ‘The vocals were recorded outside, on our veranda in the countryside. It was summer and the birds were singing in the background.’

The first track released from the 13-song album on Annie’s own Anniemelody label was American Cars of which Annie says: ‘American Cars is partly inspired by David Cronenberg’s Crash. I did a lot of recording while I was pregnant, puking while I was singing. Stefan had to go out to buy me liquorice, but I still managed to do some quite good vocals.’

We guarantee the album will be worthy of its 11-year gestation.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Annie Tickets
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