SINGLE REVIEW: Summer Covers by Will Young vs Activated by Cher Lloyd

WORTH A LOOK: **** (Will) *** (Cher)

OUT: 26/8

It seems like so much has changed since about-to-be-winner Will Young stood up to judge Simon Cowell on Pop Idol in Teddington Studios on ITV in 2001.

  • Read on for a sneak peak at the new videos from both Will Young and Cher Lloyd

Fast forward 15 years and Young has carved himself out quite the career, releasing six successful albums and winning an Olivier Award nomination for his turn in musical Cabaret. In September he is one of the contestants in Strictly Come Dancing.

He was memorable in Cabaret and we’ve seen him live a few times over the years: on the Pop Idol tour at London Arena, at Camden Roundhouse in 2008 and at the Eventim Apollo last year.

Summer Covers is a five-song EP of tunes Will has covered which boasts Buzzcocks track Ever Fallen In Love as its lead. Its treatment is very much in the same vein as his 2002 chart-topping cover of The Doors’ Light My Fire: stripped back, lounge and allowing the listener to appreciate the brilliance of the song without it being immediately obvious what it is. Have a listen below.

We’re actually far bigger fans of Cher Lloyd’s (4th in the 2010 X Factor immediately behind One Direction) than Will’s and saw her in 2012 at the IndigO2. Activated is her new single and anticipated lead-off song from a third album we’ve not heard a great deal of. Watch the video below.

We’re actually very much enjoying Britney Spears’ latest album Glory (also out 26/8) and Activated wouldn’t be out of place on it: a mixture of rapping, almost robotic vocals but with enough melody at its fingertips to be worth a listen.

The most exciting thing about Cher Lloyd’s career is that she seems to be at the point (thanks, no doubt, to her considerable US success) where she’s earned the opportunity to dictate the pace with how she’d like her success to progress. So, Activated‘s not killing it but is a sign she soon could be.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Will Young.
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