SONG OF THE WEEK: Fingers Crossed by Agnes (Week beginning 28/8/20)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

OUT: now

Fingers Crossed goes immediately for the pop jugular with a hook that is so captivating in its high-pitched kookiness it could be a sample of Kate Bush or Florence Welch at their most commercial – but probably isn’t.

  • Read on for reasons including why we’re long overdue an Agnes renaissance

The 32-year-old Swede has had a curious musical career and this is her most commercial release for quite some time. Its clipped strings recall her biggest hit, 2008’s Release Me, which reached number 3 in the UK and went top 10 in eight other countries including her homeland as well as France and Germany.

Agnes’ inspirations include Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson and she has a strong voice which stood her in good stead when she competed to represent Sweden in Eurovision in selection show Melodifestivalen during which her next best song, Love, Love, Love (see far below), finished 8th.

She has one fine album under her belt, 2008’s aptly titled Dance Love Pop, and for whatever reasons she has only followed it up once, with 2012’s Veritas, which never quite hit those highs.

Married to songwriter, producer and singer Vincent Pontare (Madonna, Katy Perry, Avicii and David Guetta), Agnes’ father-in-law is Sweden’s 2000 Eurovision entrant Roger Pontare (When The Spirits Are Calling My Name finished 7th).

Husband and wife co-wrote Fingers Crossed and Agnes says of it: ‘Fingers Crossed is inspired by the sense of, nothing is impossible, because nothing is impossible.

‘The song does not excuse itself and I don’t excuse myself. We should never ever excuse ourselves, we should be proud and go out in the world in all our glory. I speak from my heart when I say I know how difficult that can be, how easy it is to be insecure doubting your own capacity. That’s why we have to put ourselves in situations and with people that love us, do things that make us happy and feel good about ourselves. That makes us vibrate on a higher level.

‘YOU WANNA VIBRATE ON A HIGHER LEVEL WITH ME? I’ve got my fingers crossed.’
  • Picture by via Facebook courtesy Agnes Tickets
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