SONG OF THE MONTH: 24 Hours by Agnes (June 2021)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

RELEASED: 21 May 2021

This fantastic collision sounds like Donna Summer going Goldfrapp and contains a pivotal lyrical moment which may be a signpost for further such delights to come.

  • Read on for reasons including where we hope 24 Hours signals Agnes might go next with her new album

That lyric is: ‘As my world fell apart, it hit me like lightning in the dark, This is my sliding door moment, here and now I choose my future.’

It could mean anything but we’re hoping that it foreshadows that this unexpectedly dark slice of entrancing electro pop is the first taste of far more to come from 1 of our favourite Swedish dance floor divas who surely must be shaping up to drop a long-awaited album soon.

That lyric is followed by: ‘That was the last time, the last time I’ll ever be yours. Just 24 hours ago’ which, of course, might mean this single is actually a much-welcomed 1-off.

Agnes had her UK breakthrough in 2008 when single Release Me made number 3 and was a hit across the world as was the album which contained it, the well-named Dance, Love, Pop. She didn’t follow it up for 4 years and then released nothing for 9 years.

We’ve our, ahem, fingers crossed that the album containing the last 2 amazing singles is out imminently, the quality and diversity they represent is beautifully expressed there and we’ll get a chance to see her live in the UK soon.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Agnes Tickets
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