SONG OF THE MONTH: Uno by Little Big (March 2020)

WORTH A LOOK?: *****

OUT: now

Coronavirus may have caused the cancellation of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest from Rotterdam in May but 41 songs were selected for it and this was our favourite.

  • Read on for reasons including how we’ll be celebrating this year’s Eurovision

This was to be Russia’s 23rd entry and was a strong contender for only the country’s second victory and repeating the success of Dima Bilan in 2008 with Believe.

Russia’s not normally a country of which we’re especially fond but it has an enviable Eurovision record, only twice failing to progress to the final and with an impressive 13 top 10 finishes.

Little Big’s Uno couldn’t be further removed from Bilan’s middle-of-the-road anthem of positivity and one look at the hugely stylised video dripping with attitude is all you really need to know about what a spectacle the band promised.

The look is 70s, the lyrics are pure trash and we love them: ‘It’s gonna take more than one margarita, I’m gonna call you my sweet señorita.’

There’s a massive electro hook, mouth-popping, formation knee movements, a hugely memorable Spanish chorus and even a cool dancer death-dropping in the video.

It was fifth in the betting before the pull was pulled on the first Eurovision in 65 years.

Regular monstagigz readers may have noticed in previous years that we’ve predicted how each semi and then the final would go and we’re not going to let a little coronavirus spoil our fun this year.

Check out our Eurovision semi 1 predictions early next month as we imagine how the Eurovision that never was might have panned out.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Little Big. Tickets
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