SONG OF THE MONTH: I Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore by Alphabeat (September 2019)


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They’re from ’85, they ain’t gonna lie and they don’t know what’s cool anymore.

  • Read on for reasons including everything we know about Alphabeat’s 4th album

We’re from ’70 and we don’t think we ever knew what was cool. But we do know a top-notch pop tune when we hear one – and this is most definitely it.

Danish band Alphabeat found UK success with monster hit Fascination in 2008 and, 3 albums later, they split up with singer Stine Bramsen going solo and fellow singer Anders SG (we love that they have boy/girl lead singers) remaining with bandmate guitarist Anders B in THANKS.

We caught up with the band at their 1st UK gig for 6 years in June and the new songs were sounding ace although this didn’t get an airing.

Alphabeat have always had a knack for producing singles which are instantly memorable and Cool (listen above) never lets us down.

The lyrics are slightly more sour than usual and find the band at odds with their new found maturity which is no bad thing after some of the more saccharine moments of the past.

The new album is titled Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore (we imagine that it will be displayed on physical products and in advertising as Alphabeat Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore), is out 1/11/19 and we love that the band are enjoying poking fun at themselves. It’s almost as infectious as this new single.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 12.50.44

This week the band announced 3 UK gigs for London, Brighton and Glasgow in April. We’ll be joining them at London’s Subterania. Tickets

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Alphabeat. Tickets
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