SONG OF THE MONTH: For Every Moment By Frances Barber and Pet Shop Boys (August 2019)

67584815_10157178941856285_4987440848749723648_nWORTH A LOOK?: *****

OUT: now

This is the stand-out tune from the 6-song cabaret MUSIK starring character Billie Trix played by Frances Barber from 2001 Pet Shop Boys musical Closer To Heaven.

  • Read on for reasons including where to catch MUSIK in London in September

Nightclub hostess Trix was one of a number of fabulous character parts in the Jonathan Harvey-penned Closer To Heaven and here we get to know a little of her back story but also, on this song, more about her hopes for the future.

Barber’s a limited singer but there’s real depth to her performance and there are moving lines here coupled with an uplifting disco pop number for which the Pet Shop Boys are so beloved.

Trix is a trouper and survivor and we know this because she tells us: ”You’ve got to live your life for every moment, From the shock of arrival in a new world we share, To the pain of survival, I’ve always been there.’

She’s also, hilariously, a preposterous and unreliable narrator but when she declares: ‘I stand at the precipice to a new world, a new beginning. I’ve no idea what lies in store; a small step for me, a giant leap for art. Come back in 10 years, I’ll tell you all about it’ we guarantee you won’t want to wait anywhere near so long.

MUSIK transfers to the Leicester Square Theatre and runs 3 to 7/9.

  • Picture by Lee Newby via Facebook courtesy Pet Shop Boys. Tickets
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