AWARDS: MONSTAS: Our best new album of 2018 so far

We awarded 13 monstas for the best pop, theatre, TV and film of 2017 in December – and here we look at the cream of 2018 so far and what’s to come. Florence and The Machine, Lady Gaga and Lorde are previous winners in this category.

  • Read on for our top 6 best albums of 2018 so far and our hopes for the next half year

Wild Wild Wonderland by Saara Aalto Review Tickets

We said: ‘Our favourite song on the album is the David Sneddon-co-write Dance Like Nobody’s Watching which might surprise because it is so much more from the heart than much of the soaraway dance pop so expertly on show.’

Shame by Lily Allen Tickets

One of a dozen albums shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize which is awarded 20/9, Allen’s 4th album sees her as lyrically strident as you might expect but with a set of tunes she seems more confident in.

High As Hope by Florence and The Machine Review Tickets

We said: ‘High As Hope is quiet, more contemplative and poetic than anything she’s done before. It’s the words rather than the music where this collection shines brightest. There’s a sense also that now is not the time for celebrating but supporting one another in the face of adversity.’

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae Tickets

Lead single Make Me Feel gave clues about the involvement of Prince with this collection and lyrically this is an ambitious attempt to voice minority communities’ views in Trump’s America.

Mind Expansion by THANKS Review Tickets

We said: ‘Anders X 2 can content themselves with having gifted us the best pop album of 2018 so far.’

Palo Santo by Years and Years Review Tickets

We said: ‘Palo Santo may have been a long time coming but it’s definitely been worth the wait and should see Olly and co troubling the charts for a lot longer than seemed likely a while back.’

On our radar for the next 6 months are Jake Shears by Jake Shears (Tickets), Toast To Our Differences by Rudimental (Tickets), Liam Payne (Tickets), The Blue Hour by Suede (Tickets), Chris by Christine and The Queens (Tickets), Dancing Queen by Cher (Tickets) Love Is Magic by John Grant (Tickets) and My Wildest Dreams by Claire Richards (Tickets).

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Janelle Monae
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