TV PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2018: Predictions for Andra Chansen

WHEN?: 7pm Saturday 3/3/18 on SVT (link to watch below)

WHERE?: Kristianstad

We’re very excited about the upcoming four duels that will see our eight-strong final become a dozen not least because some of our favourite songs compete again here.

  • Read on for our Andra Chansen predictions for Saturday and the best heat performances



Margaret In My Cabana


Moncho Cuba Libre

VERDICT: Margaret has our favourite song in the whole shebang this year. Very Havana by Camila Cabello. Everything we want from our pop right now. Old-school Rihanna. When she ruled. We loved Cool Me Down, Margaret’s entry in 2016’s Polish selection and this is even better. Will the Swedes warm to an international entrant in a way they didn’t for the Norwegian Kamferdrops in Heat 1? We were surprised Moncho progressed.


Renaida All The Feels


Olivia Eliasson Never Learn


Two uptempo and dancetastic songs which are well-performed. Renaida cooler for us. Just.


Mimi Werner Songburning


Felix Sandman Every Single Day


The closest 1 for us. This is Mimi’s best MF entry but the songwriting of Every Single Day is better. Felix‘s performance was a little flat however. And why was he singing into a hairdryer? Schoolboy error.


Sigrid Bernsen Patrick Swayze


Mendez Every Day


Mendez has much the better song but his Heat 3 singing and dancing was weak. We love Icona Pop and Sigrid gives it good performance but its rather sunk by its predictable lyric.

  • Picture via Facebook courtesy Margaret. Watch Melodifestivalen here. Join us on this site on 4/3/18 for our final predictions and for clips of all the songs.
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