PREVIEW: Melodifestivalen 2017: Heat 1

WHEN?: 7pm (UK time) 4/2 on SVT (link at the bottom of the page below)

WHERE: Scandinavium, Gothenburg

It’s not unusual for heat 1 of Melodifestivalen to spring a song to beat and we definitely think there’s one here – and it may not be the one you were expecting.

  • Read on for reasons including our Saturday night predictions for each of the songs

1. Boris René Her Kiss PREDICTION: final (up from andra chansen after the 1m clip)

We’re loving Boris’ soul vocal and the verse is the funkiest thing about this clip. The chord progression in the chorus sounds very familiar to something we can’t quite place yet. CLUE: Pointer Sisters. Always a good sign. Boris was 10th in last year’s final. The longer clip’s much more fun than his entry last year. In fact, we absolutely adore the sunshine Jacksons/Timberlake vibe. Possible straight-to-final?

2. Adrijana Amare PREDICTION: 7th

Second spot in a Melfest heat is normally the kiss of death and this is a lot slower than we thought it would be. The 2m 30s clip didn’t go any where at all: loo break.

3. Dinah Nah One More Night PREDICTION: 5th (up from 6th after 1m clip)


Also more laid-back than we were expecting but we think will go bigger in the chorus. Friend of monstagigz Dinah was 12th in the 2015 final. Ms Nah’s rather lacklustre follow up to her 2015 highlight is all about the rap at 2m 4s.

4. De Vet Du Road Trip PREDICTION: andra chansen

Comedy acts always struggle with the international juries that Melodifestivalen deploys in its finals. They’re attractive chaps and this screams novelty with a catchy chorus. Lots of fun from the fuller clip and we’re enjoying the VW Beetle staging. Couldn’t be a sharper contrast to what follows …

5. Charlotte Perrelli Mitt Liv PREDICTION: 6th (down from 5th after 1m clip)

The one we were all waiting for is very self-indulgent and a world away from the schlager with which she made her name. We doff our cap to la Perrelli for trying something with a little more artistic worth but aren’t too excited by it. Q: the moment when schlager in Melodifestivalen died? A: when Charlotte strapped on her guitar (see main picture).

6. Ace Wilder Wild Child PREDICTION: andra chansen (down from final after 1m clip)

We were big fans of the cheerleader pop of Busy Doin’ Nothin’ and Don’t Worry (runner-up in 2014 and 3rd in 2016) and Wild Child sounds like it has another monster hook. Sounding much more like it in its 2m 30s incarnation, evoking Sia’s Cheap Thrills and that recent Madonna period when she was apeing Katy Perry.

7. Nano Hold On PREDICTION: final

We hear your Hozier Take Me To Church comparison and this is the one to beat so far. It’s very now, dark and gospel. Leaping into Rudimental’s Waiting All Night for the chorus. The instrumental break towards the 2m 30s fade seems the only original thing about it.

  • Pictures via Facebook courtesy SVT Melodifestivalen. Clips via YouTube courtesy SVT. Melodifestivalen tickets
  • The 2m 30s clips of these songs are available here from 1pm UK time Saturday. We’ll be refreshing our predictions ahead of the 7pm heat here and join us for our 8.30pm (UK time) afterparty when we preview next week’s heat.
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